Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coloring Galore

We have been coloring galore. Here is a Darby/Baylie combo. Which means Darby colored the picture and then Baylie scribbled over it. We love those Twistable can't draw on your belly with them and they make crayons cooler.

Darby Drawing. Can you find the 'D'. That is the only lettered we've mastered.

I am a loved mother. Here is what I have been finding in Luke's backpack everyday. Like three or four of these folded noted with I Heart You on it. So what did I find inside?

These cute drawings from Luke to his Mom. On the left is two ships blasting each other. Okay, I thought. Until I opened this one.

A full out war drawing just for me. Flowers? No. Happy Family Picture? No. Shooting and guns. Hmmm... If I had a daughter first would these be the pictures I would be getting home?

Our friends finally moved but before they did we had a play date at our house with lots more coloring. Here's how the conversation went down.

(Luke and Julian coloring at the table, me in the living room with the other kids. The boys had been coloring star wars transformers)

Luke: Mom, how do you spell destroy?

Me: D-E-S-T-R-O-Y

Luke: Mom, now how do you spell girls?

Me: Luke, that is not very nice, I don't want you writing that.

Luke: But how do you spell girls?

Me: Luke, I really don't want you writing that. Remember I'm a girl too!
followed by more Bla Bla Bla parenting mumbo jumbo

Me inside my head: What!!??

He ended up just sounding it out himself, followed by another talk from me.


sara said...

I love the drawings. I thought the notes said I O U!!

christy said...

gotta love the natural tendency towards violence that boys have. it's been especially weird for me to learn these things about boys since i had all these sisters and one brother who was a lot younger and i don't remember him drawing stuff like my boys do but maybe i just didn't know.

Courtney said...

I think that is freakin' hilarious that Luke was trying to spell "destroy girls." I just laugh thinking about it. PS- I also laugh that your Christmas tree has fallen down twice. I am sorry, but that is really fun.

English Garden said...

Love the pictures, made me laugh!

Nancy said...

Too funny! Love that they love to color.

Nathan and Emily said...

Thanks again for lunch yesterday! Your kids rock! Little cuddle monkeys!

uncle bobo said...

that was so nice from luke. tell luke he is the man

Than, Erica, Pacen & Camry said...

I'm laughing. That is so funny. Pacen just drew his first family picture...I was the biggest circle...should I take that as a hint.....but I'm sure dudes with guns are next. :)

Carrie Griffith said...

HIL-ARIOUS and quite intelligent of Luke. When you can't get the info you need, just make it up. Either way, the girls are getting destroyed! I can't wait for Adden to draw me crazy pictures:)