Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ain't No Shame

So I actually did find that dang brush. And wouldn't you know it was in that drawer it was supposed to be.

I think my brushless day tells alot about me. Something in the right spot and I didn't realize it. Just another reason why everything should have a buzzer or clapper connected to it.

Also, my friend pointed out why didn't I just use a comb? Well, I just didn't want to is why. Too hard.

That same smart friend had a cookie party yesterday where I was almost peeing my pants laughing at some of their stories. Everyone needs that kind of laughing sometimes.

Good kid quotes of late

"But mom, I'm STARVING!" which would be perfectly reasonable except she says this when she does not want to eat and is full.

"And please bless that I can watch Bug's Life" ...Darby is a very spiritual girl in her prayers...Bug's Life is a movie in case you are older than 10


Hillary said...

I'm with you Brooke. Why haven't I done laundry all week when I really needed to? Because I just didn't want to . . . which would be why Oliver had to wear pants one size too big to preschool today (rolled up at the hems) and Abby wore a denim skirt with tights for extra warmth.

Nancy said...

I loved the 'Bugs life" prayer. pretty funny.

Heather said...

Kids can come up with some pretty funny stuff. It's especially funny when they use words the wrong way. As someone who had very tangled hair as a child, forget the comb. They are painful.

Maria said...

I'm going to start using Darby's prayer strategy :)