Monday, December 22, 2008

Grinning from Caroling

mTonite we went caroling for the first time. Man, this is a year of firsts huh. Wait, strike that, last year in Alabama we caroled to two houses (the next door neighbors) even though the one neighbors (who have since moved) really didn't want to come out. But we kept ringing that bell and staring at them eating dinner. Another story.

Tonite, I'm talking about caroling. It is so fun. And it is actually a little nippy here which is so nice when California resembles seasons.

Listen to a common strategy of mine. I find someone who seems more together, more experienced, and I invite myself along. Or I attach myself to them. To learn and glean.

Well tonite, it was that famous Means family (six gorgeous girls remember) and I said, Hey, do you guys go caroling? Can we come with you? You want me to bring four different cookies? How about three? I can do three if one of them is rice krispie treats. Deal.

So tonite, we made plates with eight kinds of cookies, including turtles, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate chip, rocky road cookies, turtles, my mom's famous toffee, and my rice krispies. And wrapped them up on pretty plates with cellophane and ribbon. With a card and oranges from my Mean's family tree. And we picked some families...sorry those in apartment buildings, parking is too beastly.

It was so much fun. I'm going to do it again. Tomorrow.

And maybe Christmas Eve if I can think of anyone who would be home.

And maybe Christmas.

No, I don't believe in over kill. Just ask my friends.

Jason is working sort of late tomorrow so it might me and the munchkins. They caught the bug. Not in bed til 9 p.m. which is late for mine, but so worth it.

I love Christmas. I wish it was always December. At least now that all my presents are wrapped and some random Christmas cards sent out (it was a bit haphazard and last minute but oh well). Christmas is wonderful even with a cold. Makes my caroling voice even prettier. And its sure pretty.


Amberli said...

you only wish that it was always december because you live in CA! sheesh, have some compassion for us blizzard ridden boston folk. sounds like so much fun to go caroling though. we were supposed to go a couple days ago but got detained because i had a total nightmare experience at the hair salon...oh's only hair :(

Tina W said...

I went caroling on a trolley car through the city this year. Very fun because you don't have to walk and 40 people can come with you. No treats were delivered, however.

beth said...

That sounds so fun. I love the Means.