Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

I'm watching It's A Wonderful Life, Jason is wrapping my present, and my kids are asleep. Life doesn't get much better. Especially after a wonderful Christmas eve with our family. So nice to have cousins so close. Everyone be jealous.

My Baylie loves her aunt Lindsey.

Fortunately we each have two sets of girls that match up in ages. Who also share the same first initial. How convenient and confusing. Thats my fault, I'm a big copycat.

The big girls who ate about a cup of canned green beans each. Yummy.

What is my boy doing here? Being a boy. Watching tv with the boys. They need to stick together. We need more boys around here.

The choas of the McCoys invading your home on Christmas eve. Not included in the picture is Baylie repeatedly tormenting her cousin Brenna like always sitting in her seat to bug her and just general annoyance. But also hugs and love..

Sadie is smiling. And such a cutie. What is it about those babies. Makes me want another one, if only we could invent another way to get them here. She is so cute. Ahhh...

Whats she doing. Looking guilty. Looking all Christmasy. The only day you can wear this outfit. Okay, so tomorrow works too. Can you barely see her painted toe nails? We have to match ya know so hot pink it is all around.

Darby holding Sadie

Uncle Nathan!

A trip back in time. Now my kids have their own plates like the beautiful ones my siblings and I once made. The beauty of parenting, you can make the own that they opened TWO presents are Christmas eve.

Jason the wonderful Sadie holder. (mostly because he didn't have a cold..and he is good at it too)

And can't you recognize our reenactment of the Birth of Jesus. This is Mary riding the Donkey. Darby is Mary with my sweater tied around her head (can't see the sheet stuffed in her shirt which is supposed to be baby Jesus in womb). Jason is the donkey and everyone else wanted a ride too of course. Cause this is how we do Christmas. I was a sheep in case you were wondering. Dallas got a turn being Mary too. Baylie was our baby Jesus and she liked being swaddled and laying in Dallas's lap.

And we did the felt set Courtney gave us too, which is an Evans tradition. Lindsey was the reader of the Bible. Luke sang a rousing Happy Birthday to Jesus and we called it a night.

Merry Christmas everyone!


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

What a fun Christmas eve you guys had. I love the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Crazy Lady! Looks like you had a great Christmas! And yes, I am jealous that you have family nearby! Hope 2009 treats ya right!


beth said...

YAY Christmas! You guys look great. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday. And that Sadie is super cute.

Tanya said...

You have such a cute family, that includes your sister's family too :) Merry Christmas!!

JD said...

Merry Christmas guys! My wife came across your blog while doing some blog surfing. It is great to see your faces, even if on a computer. We need to keep in touch better! Call or email whenever... and 253-312-8281. our blog is but it is private, so you will have to ask permission. Don't worry, I will make sure Analisa grants access. HA! OTG's FOREVER!

Courtney said...

I wish I could have been there with you guys. I am so jealous. It looked so fun. I am glad that you used the felt stuff.