Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our first gingerbread house

See, isn't it pretty? Luke thought of the pretzel idea. Emily baked the gingerbread, bought the candy and let us mooch over at her house. We had so much fun.

Its officially Christmas vacation. No school. Thanks to a long night that I'm still recovering from we are all ready (fingers crossed) for Christmas...and Jason's birthday four days later for that matter. Mom, I hope your package comes on time. Jason is running out right now to mail it, which is not like me. But you won't read this because you are helping Courtney move right now, my cute sister Courtney who is finally moving into her house and whose numermous in-laws will be visiting five days later.

More makers of houses. And decoraters

Baylie's buddy. He is younger but bigger. Our girls are small at this house. I love his name. Ezra. He is going to be so cool. Its in his blood. Merry Christmas! Anyone want to go see the lights at Griffith park? Or go caroling to the few neighbors with lights on? Or drink hot chocolate at my house? Or go to the zoo now that school is out? Or the aquarium? Let us know. Thats why we love Christmas. Even if Christmas gains me 5 lbs dang it.


Hillary said...

I'm sure we'll be at the zoo next week in order to keep my kids from feeling like caged animals stuck here with me.

Amber said...

Awesome gingerbread house. We just bought a kit to make. We totally cheated.

And the zoo sounds fun. Let me know if you end up going. We'll try and join you!

Nancy said...

Just got back from Court's. I mailed your package on Friday so maybe both of ours won't make it : ) Poor Courtney, no hot water and they have to buy a new water heater, not a good sign.

Heather said...

Great job on the gingerbread house. Can't say that I've ever made one. I start my Christmas vacation tomorrow afternoon. My office will be closed until New Year's. Have a Merry Christmas!