Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taking a Chill Pill

Every once in a while we chill out and just enjoy the scenery.

At a wonderful quiet place that is does not seem to fit its surroundings.

We love to spot it from the freeway.

And let them run wild on the grass...okay, when nobody is looking

I think this is the first time I wasn't so wound up trying to keep them quiet. Or get angry because they were causing a scene at the one place where you probably shouldn't. Because its special at the temple and we are lucky to live so close. Seriously I dont' even have to go inside, walking around on the grounds with my kids feels nice and peaceful. And reminds me why this lovely life is so important.

Thankfully this tree is meant to be climbed in. Isn't that cool?


Tanya said...

yes, the Temple is one of our favorites too. You are right it is peaceful just being on the Temple Grounds. I love it. (you are probably right a girl would dual with sabers too but I have to find joy in the boys it may be all I get...he he he)I didn't have any brothers there were no duals of any kind in our house. (does bickering count?)

Nancy said...

I think the temple is a great place for kids to go because they can feel how special it is too. Love the climbing tree - your kids look darling in it.

Sarah said...

Brooke, what a great idea to go to the temple with the kids and let them kind of run around and get familiar with the place. I think you're creating memories of it at a young age. I should start doing that too!

Lindsey said...

It is so nice around the temple! You can totally just feel so peaceful even on the grounds with the kids running around. It was just what I needed this week too. Adorable pictures of the kiddos.