Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back on Track

What a difference a day makes.

(One day I'm going to do a post in purely cliches and song titles. Why do we try to avoid them so?)

"What doesn't kill you...(you know the rest)"

"Don't worry, be happy"

"The sun will come up tomorrow"

Crap, I hate that they are all true. I swear thats how everything in life is. Terrible for a few days and then it goes away. Like taking away the pacifier for good. Or giving up the bottle. Or nursing. Or letting them cry to sleep. I'm trying to think of any un-child related, but no dice. Because everything hard and wonderful in my life seems to be revolving around my children. Motherhood is not for wimps. That could be on my grave. Or a cute pink t-shirt. Because adult things don't seem to get that much easier after two days. Like how I still complain about waking up early to run...and going without sugar briefly. Cause I always missed cookies, and have five to seven extra pounds to show for it now that we are back together.

But the moral of the story is...

We have survived.

A quick bout of illness and now seems to return to normal. Back to school tomorrow. Never did get that nap. Stinkin Baylie (thats an endearment, really) only has been sleeping for 45 minutes, which means about 15 minutes after the big ones are snoozing, 'Mama...Ma-ma".

It was nice having Luke home, but much better now that he is no longer moaning. Yesterday I finally broke down and brought everyone a toy at Rite-aid. "Luke can you stop crying in the store to go get a toy?" "Yes." Okay, then. A plastic gorilla for Darby and a 3 inch plastic baby with spray-paint hair for B (Jason thought it was dirty). Luke got a boat with a guy on it. Today we tested it in the handy plastic bin filled with water in the backyard. It doesn't float. "Luke if you dump out some of the water, I think it will float." "Mom, thats not floating, its resting on the bottom." He's too smart. Oh well, he still likes it. And we were desperate. The most expensive cheapest toys. Darby says her gorilla has boobs. I need to talk to that girl.


mist said...

Thanks for making me laugh. I have been painting our building for days and days...I needed a quick pick me up. You are a gem!

Arlene and Chris said...

I think I need to make a goal of getting up at least one solid day a week to go running with you and your girlfriend!!! What time, like 6am? I can do that....seriously...I can! Glad you're feeling better! ;)

Nancy said...

Glad everyone is feeling better. It is so sad/hard when kids are sick. They are so lucky to have you!

Lindsey said...

That totally made me laugh about the comments with the toys. So funny. That reminds me I just need to get rid of the pacifier--a few days of bad. That is all right? Maybe when Nate gets back:)