Thursday, September 25, 2008

My introduction to Public School

So, after a three days of Luke missing school, I wait in line to pick him up while listening to to all the languages being spoken around me. Then this mom said, "Yes, come to the meeting immediately after school, we need 20 people to be able to hold elections for the committees. We need people" (then she went on to translate it into Farsi for the other people in line)

And if you know me you know I'm a sucker, so I said, 'Can you bring kids?" And she said yes there will be lots of kids. So I thought, sure, why not, surely there will be enough people, but as my friend Renee says, "Its good to get your face out (in the public schools)" so I'm like, doesn't hurt, five minutes.

Well, hahah five minutes.

I'm a greenie to the public school system that is in a world of hurt. Cause when I walked in that auditorium there was 6 adults there and most kids were kindergarteners (is that because parents of older children are already desensitized to their pleas?). And they needed 20.

So for the next 20 minutes they are beggin people to come, announcing on the loud speaker, inviting teachers to count as well. so finally they get enough. I had to sign three different rosters to verify that i was there. Now I was not prepared for this intensity. I had no snacks. My kids were hungry, thirsty and tired. And they were bonkers. The 'babysitters' Luke, and Darby, were chasing Baylie everywhere and she was not happy about anything.

So the meeting starts and I'm making friends with a mom next to me who is normal and cool. And is offering me her snacks cause she can tell I'm dying here. But I'm looking at this chalkboard and I'm seeing that there are at least 15-18 elected positions needing to be filled and only 20 people here. So I start saying, "I don't want to do anything, I'm just here." Hoping that will help.

Do you know how this is going to go?

Well I think I might be signed up for something. I have no idea what but I think it meets once a month.

9 of the positions were for english as a second language people and I don't qualify for that and there is limited people and bonkers children. So I ask the lady how long this is going to last and she says, "Two hours!". Well, I politely excuse myself and say that I was not prepared (while everyone in the place is silently saying thank goodness the crazy lady and her children that keep knocking stuff over are leaving...there were other children, but of course i had the most with me...and the youngest, but they all thanked me for coming and were very nice). But the cute lady looks at me as I'm leaving and I say, "Fine, sign me up for what you do if they really need someone." And she asked for my last name, so tomorrow I'll tell you what I maybe suckered myself into.

Next time I'm bringing candy, lots and lots of candy. And possibly a portable dvd player too. And it better not be two hours.


embot said...

Brooke, I tip my hat to you. That was exactly what i didn't do at Nestle. I'm sorry it was so painful. Maybe you'll be able to get your voice out there. Every think about PTA?? I'll bet they need a president!

christy said...

i didn't join pta. everything they do at the school seems dumb and time consuming. what is needed here are parent volunteers in the classroom so i try to help with that. i'll be much more able once avery is in school too though.

Crazy Lady said...

don't tip anything, i'm a mess

Crazy Lady said...

and way more fun if you were here emily.

Nancy said...

I mainly helped with classroom parties when I had little ones and didn't get involved in the pta thing until all were in school. If they put you on a committee that you can't do (with little ones at home) just be honest with them and they will understand. (that is from a past pta queen)

Crazy Lady said...

its not the pta...its something else wierd

cori said...

you are not alone. ever. you make me smile.

you are amazing.

love, cori

Maria said...

I agree with Emily--you should totally be pta president!

Stephen said...

Is it the PTVO...parent teacher volunteer organization? That is what Kennadi's school has. I hope you are room mom because we can share ideas. They called me and wanted me to be room mom after I had already volunteered to go in once a week and help with centers. I thought that would get me out of the one job...guess not.
Misty....not know the gig!

Pam said...

GIRL....i SOOOO wouldn't want to be you right now! i'll say a little prayer for you.

Christine said...

I love reading your blog. It gives me a boost and makes me laugh. i seriously wish you were my neighbor!

Renee said...

Yes I go to the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)meetings but ours are at night and there is like 100 people and they just basically tell you what is going on at school and ask for volunteers they already have the board set up. I do go so that they know my face and when I feel like I can volunteer at the functions then I will tell them. lwhy did they have it after school? Who wants to go with kids to any adult thing??