Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Observations

Monday observations are very un-scientific so grab a pen.

1. Headaches suck. Especially when they last many days and you can't seem to shake it.

2. I think aspartame might be the devil (I don't really think aspartame 'is' the devil, so don't telling be your friends what Mormon Brooke thinks, I'm just being funny...although maybe aspartame has consorted with the devil...hmmm)

a. Reasons for this unscientific assumption are that Bunny from church told me it gives her migraines. So I'm putting together how much aspartame I consume (trident, crystal light, soda) and thinking maybe she is right and what I thought was really helping me (by slenderizing my figure) is really giving me cancerous headaches? See, its the devil. Or I'm going to experiment with real Coke for a while. Yes, Courtney you are always right...poo on you. I don't want to hear it. Now I'll just have to eat even more salad to make up for those 150 calories ...or just drink
water (gag)

3. I am crabby with a headache and a bit worthless. Okay, no more talk of my headaches, next topic.

4. My children are sneaky. I've known this, but I'm always surprised HOW sneaky they are. Like today while I'm folding the enormous mound of clothes on my bed, Luke comes in and tells me "Darby called me stupid" (Stupid is a naughty word at our house). So I go and say, "Darby, did you call Luke stupid?" and she says, (although it takes a minute or two because she has not grasped the english language as quick as her brother yet) "Luke called me stupid, so I called him stupid." So I am in shock. Luke called her stupid FIRST and yet still told on her? So he got THE LOOK and they both had to say sorry and say they are best friends and do the very emotional hug.

4. The best surprise today was when my friend Emily brought me some of her cake she couldn't eat all by herself. Orange cake with blueberry filling and orange/cream cheese frosting. And she sang Darby at least three princess songs and twirled her around. Its funny because I'm friends with lots of people, but if you like my kids and they like you then I like you even more. Funny how that works.

After family home evening, Jason putting together this dinosaur bones thing...he is still putting it together, as I write this, the kids are already in bed. He is not very happy about it.

Misty do you remember this? and we did Squiggly Wiggly too so I thought of you, thanks :)

My mom's great idea for one of the sick days. Granted it lasted ten minutes, but ten minutes is ten minutes. Its normally for outside, so we brought it in and used the balls instead of the stinky now thrown-away bean bags I had made and shouldn't left outside.

The photographer who fell at school today. Backwards, and bonked a bench on the way down. he has quite a goose-egg. My cell phone was off so I didn't get the message...I need to talk to that school. Isn't that why they have alternative numbers? or is it one try and they are done? Somebody with school experience tell me.

The purse girl. Doesnt' she just look free. And careless to the wind. I think its because of the purses.

You can never have too many, or wear too many at the same time.

Luke's sunflower. It finally bloomed. Its almost as tall as he is.

He planted from a seed in preschool.

Memory game.

The rules can be stretched...sure, check three or four if you need to. We aren't counting here.

HAPPY ROSH HASHANAH EVERYONE! No school for us tomorrow.


cori said...

i loved reading all about your monday. that is so fun to hear about everyone and all thats happening under your roof!

diet coke is the cure for lots of things in my life. i swear by it.

i hope your headaches go away!

Darek and Amberli said...

D: haha seeing jason trying to put the puzzle together's classic...i love putting things together and hate it at the same many cabinets, crib, rocking chair, high chair, swing chair, shelving, etc. have I put together in the last few years with those stupid tiny allen wrenches?