Monday, May 5, 2008

Mother's Day is Upon Us

We had a fun weekend with my aunt and cousin sleeping on our couch...

My aunt is the only person in the whole world who looks like my mom and reminds me of her. She is great. And baked us fresh bread as well as babysat and spoiled us. My kids loved having them here.

My cousin is also going to be a first time mom in August and there is nothing so sweet (and slightly amusing to watch) as a first time mom. Its like ready or not, the baby is coming, but she will be fabulous.

Cause Mother's day is on Sunday and today is my last chance to think of an awesome mother's day bonanza for the blonde lady in Alabama named Nana.

Any ideas for moms? What are you doing for yours?
What are you requiring for yourself?

And I'm stumped on grandma's too. I have three of those.

Mother's day is a tricky thing. Should it be changed to womans celebration day? Cause thats really what it is.
... I find it ironic that some of the classiest ladies I know are not moms, but me, who is slightly imbalanced and messy has incredible fertility and a slew of children. (Okay, so is three actually a slew? For others yes, mormons, no. ) Or the fact that I totally lucked out and was naive enough to marry young and dumb. Honey, I mean dumb in a good way. :) But we all have a mother, am I right? Sometimes I want to remind the people who are scowling at me at the store that there mom had to take them to the store sometimes too ya know.

I thought I was pretty sneaky yesterday cause I signed up to feed the missionaries at church for Mother's day, knowing Jason will be cooking. Hopefully the kids will help. I'm not exactly sure what we will eat, but it better not be frozen pizza and hot dogs.

And I told him all I want for Mother's day is to sleep in....okay I'm lying, I'd also like to go get a pedicure too.


Nash said...

I want a pedicure too. OK, check they have cute purse sized silver/gold mirrors that you can have the name engraved. has super cute round stampers with monogram and address. I want them even though they'll come too late.

Beth said...

Williams Sonoma has great stuff too. You could always go in with your sisters to do something nice for your mom, too. Buy her a massage or something a little more expensive. So far I've gotten my mom a card and Tyler has colored her a picture. But that's about it.....

cori said...

williams sonoma is brilliant for every holiday. i almost ordered their 3 months of crossaints delivered. isn't that a cool idea? because every one buys flowers or little nick nacks. but all we want is fresh bread delivered to our front door.

my mom is easy. our mother in law is easy.. i am easy. i would be happy with just sleeping in too. and a huge diamond ring. just kidding. i really am not a jewlery kinda girl. i would rather have gift cards to anthropologie. i love their home decor and i just stare at everything in that store. home depot. or even to itunes. my dad always bought my mom jewlery and was so proud when he would show all 5 kids the purchase before he gave it to her. perfume? always a hit.

Nilla said...

Hey Brooke -- So, confession (this is Hila, by the way), I've been blog-stalking you for a while now. You are hilarious. Love all the pictures. You have adorable kids. And zany adventures :).

Amy Y said...

I am sure you have more than earned your pedicure...hope you get it! I still haven't bought my mom anything for Mother's Day...I'm such a bad daughter.