Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tips from a blabbermouth

1. If you are wondering if you should see the movie Made of Honor , do not go. It was stupid. Buts always fun to go to the Grove with girls, especially when I'm related to them all. We will miss you Tanner ladies.

My aunt and I are 0-2 after seeing the other terrible movie Absolutely Maybe. in February together. Wait we did see Lars this weekend so its 1-3 right?

I am no movie snob (Step Up 2) but write a decent movie will ya. I wished we would have seen
Son of Rambow so go see it or tell me if you want to come with me. I also rented Lars and the Real Girl which I thought was cute. The second half was better than the first. And Jason loved Iron Man which he said I am not the target demographic.

2. If you are wondering what to have for dinner and have eaten all your aunt's yummy leftovers, then you should call your friend Emily and casually ask her what she is cooking, because then she will invite you over and serve yummy panini's leftover from the baby blessing . And then the kids will even dance around for entertainment and you can hold a cute baby. Just a tip. Thanks!

3. If you are wondering which pants to buy...the smaller or the biggger ones, go with the smaller ones. Because if pants are loose on me I just think of how many more cookies I can eat (not that I do that anymore) so that they will fit me perfectly. Even though the Nike store lady might give you a strange look when you ask for the smaller size cause she thinks you are lying. But I really did have to use up that Nike gift card I had from the twice returned Nike shoes. I decided I love love love Nike plus, but my feet are not fond of their shoes and prefer Saucony instead.

4. If you are wondering where you camera is and think your blog is boring without new pictures, and are starting to freak out because you can't find it and don't want to admit to yourself that you might be that clueless to have lost it and it your mom's on loan...then take a big breath and look in the swimming bag with the swimsuits and sunscreen because, duh, of course its there.


cori said...

go see ironman..you will love it too! luke would love it. {minus some parts}

i thought r.downey was awesome. what about 21? that was good too! you would like it.

Amber said...

Aw...I wanted to see Made of Honor. So it was that lame huh? I guess I won't be going then. Not that I'm in the movie seeing mode right now anyway.

And yum!!! Cookies. I love cookies. I better buy the smaller pants. I'm afraid I would still eat the cookies though and have nothing to wear.

G. Sterling said...

good call on the pants. i def need to downsize now that i'm 15 lbs lighter! anyone want to send some weight my way? i dont have a butt to hold 'em up anymore

beth said...

Emily's paninis are SO good! I'm still dreaming about the goat cheese one. Yummy.

Anonymous said...

So did he get the girl? We are traveling to Augusta to Mobile this wkend so rented to watch in the car - Water Horse, Waitress, Nanny Diaries, and In the Name of the King... will let you know results.
Just buy pants with spandex, that way they are tight and you can eat your cookies too. xoxomom
g.sterling I am sending some weight your way