Thursday, May 1, 2008

Not that you wanted to know anything more

I was double tagged so I better do it. Sometimes I just get tired of hearing about myself...I'm totally an open book so there isn't much mystery there.

Cori, this is just to remind you to see this movie. With your family're it!

Five Things on My To Do List:
1. Can some bread and butter as soon as I finish typing
2. Get my house in order before my cool Aunt Pam and cuz Ali come party in LA tomorrow
3. Go pee fifty times a day
4. Daily Chores...those dishes love calling my name
5. Go running in the morning and hate it at first, but glad I went

Five Favorite Snacks at the moment:
1. Hummus with celery
2. Jalopeno cheese and crackers (good idea Lolo)
3. Chip dip
4. Diet Coke
5. Watermelon

Five thing I would do if I were a Billionaire:
Side Note on the injustice of the world: Billionarie...really I think no one should be a billionaire, that is just too much money. Seriously, the wealth of the world is so stupidly uneven. I mean, who really needs a $50 million dollar house?
1. Buy a freaking house. And paint it. I have been wanting to paint so bad ...I am tired of renting. And buy a couch and TV for Jason
2. Still send my kids to public school and make them share a room. And never tell them we were so rich...okay so that is just a theory cause they were definitely notice that mom dressed better and had cuter hair.
3. Pay for both sides of my family to have yearly family reunions. We never get to see each other. To Hawaii or Europe
4. Take my kids to a third world country to show them (and me) how lucky we are.
5. (Can I not do a simple tag without getting on a soapbox? Holy cow. )
Randomly surprise people by paying all their medical bills or free insurance for a year.

Five Bad Habits:
1. Biting my nails.
2. Do I really want to disclose these?
My temper
3. Cranky mama syndrome
4. Messy
5. Lazy

Five Places I have lived:
1.Provo, Utah for college
2. LA County
3. D-town, AL
4. A little paranoid about posting these on the internet cause my neighbors are sometimes scary so we'll leave it there

Five Jobs I've had
1. Stay at home mama
2. One month at Jamba Juice...real dedicated I am
3. Assistant to a talent/literary manager
4. One month at a snow cone stand by Sams until the boss wanted me to go 'sell snow cones in GA with him" ....what???

And just so I don't leave it with the creepy boss thing,

my sister's tag reflected on where I'll be in 10 years...
1. Done having babies
2. Curious to see how many I've had...
3. Teaching Luke how to drive a car...and praying he is not like his mom!
4. Still married to cutie Jason

I TAG Emily (or Sophie) and Claire


cori said...

girl i know. i tried and no one has it for rent here. i need to buy it online.

our suncoast store is closing. they always have the oldies.

it will be a favorite i have heard. its that good!

loved reading this.

Nash said...

wal mart should have it, or toys r us, or target.

Amber said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Newsies. It's one of my all time favorites!

Bailey said...

I too am a huge huge fan of Newsies!

Sarah said...

You are hilarious! I love reading your comments.