Monday, April 7, 2008

Everyone's talking about it

General Conference was this weekend. My neighbor thought she caught me playing hookie from church, but I tried to tell her that twice a year we watch it on TV (or in my case through the internet). Unfortunately I missed a bunch so tonite I am playing catch up. The first talk I wanted to catch was Elder M. Russell Ballards. Cause everyone is talking about it...are you wondering why?

Listen to it HERE. I think he was talking to me. Just the basics about women and mothers. So if you have a mom, know a mom, are a human, even if you aren't Mormon, check it out. (Even you Chris!)

I had this great idea after the fact, don't you love those...that I should have done a post before to brainstorm ideas on what to do with the kids during conference. (FYI, we watch Saturday from 9-11 then 1-3 and then Sunday 9-11 then 1-3...and the men to their own meeting also on Saturday night. So really even though its a break from regular 3 hour church, we are talking 8 hours of listening. But at least you can be in your pjs eating ice cream and not wearing a dress...yes we Mormons are hard core with our church meetings...and I had no idea we even had general conference on Saturdays until I was in college) My friend Sara emailed me this coloring packet that we used some. We also play legos. lots of legos. And listen with the other ear, because parents can multi-task like that. What are your secret tricks?

I thought Elder Rusell M. Nelson's talk was good when he said, "Don't try to control your children, Listen to them." And he also said to ask yourself, "What can I say or do that would persuade them to choose a better way." You mean I'm not just supposed to just yell "Stop smashing your sister!" for all the neighbors to hear? I definitely have some homework.


christy said...

i had the kids make chore charts during conference. they sat at the table and drew, colored, and cut while cory and i watched it on tv. maybe the kids paid a little attention? at least they know about all 5 sessions. i didn't until high school when i was dating a guy that actually attended all of them. i liked that talk by holland also and the funny remark monson made right after. it's a constant struggle to not just yell and threaten to beat them. they know i won't beat them so it's pointless for me to say it other than it being a frustration release for me.

Amber said...

Elder Ballards talk was my favorite too. Probably cuz it spoke directly to us as moms. I need to go listen to all the talks again, cuz I must not be as good at multi tasking as you. I missed a lot trying to attend to my kids and keep them happy.

Beth said...

I thought his talk was great. I guess I was meant to hear it because I woke up just in time for his talk..... OOPS! Totally dozed during that last session. But really, it was great. I'm gonna save a copy to put up somewhere when I need a little re-energizing!

And you're right, maybe TALES should've done a post on "what to do with your kids during conference". Especially the little ones. It's hard. Maybe you can work up a guest post for the fall session.

Amber said...

We had Jackson watch a movie in the other room. Part of me felt bad that I wasn't trying to make him listen, but the other part knew that was basically impossible.