Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baylie is 1

Darby is obsessed with these things. Baylie has eaten a few. These little dandelions gone dead are also how I lost her last week. Because our neighbor has tons of them in their yard and we have none.

Baylie enjoying her birthday cupcake. Do you like my new do? Its way healthier now.

This is my attempt to be like Misty. The party favors via Martha via Hillary P.

Darby gal toting her pail. She got clocked in the face by the see saw at the park. Has a prety good bruise on her face now.

B was pooped after her party.

Walk in between conferences. Notice flowers in hands. We love this wagon...

This is my cutie girl. That is what we all like to call her. Here is a proper 1 year old post.

So strange, but she shares a birthday with one little girl buddy and her other little girl buddy was born just the day before. When does that happen? We even bumped into each other at the hospital. We decided to do a joint birthday party for them...which is why I missed me some conference...sadly I realize B will always have her birthday near conference...maybe Friday nite parties?

And 1 year olds do not cooperate in the picture taking.

My sister with all our girls. Hip hip hoorah their is now a second boy on my side of the family...Courtney had her boy today...name pending turns out.

My friend Hillary made this shirt...isn't it cute?


mist said...

I love the party...the shirts, the flower buckets, etc. Good Job Martha. It is so fun to have a party with 3 girls. Kennadi has a conference birthday too! Cute hair. I love the pics with the three babies...and the three moms. Maybe we can make it to her second birthday party. I am so glad Cort had her baby. I have checked her blog like 3 times to see if there were pics. Tell her congrats. It makes me happy from my toes to my nose that you had a first birthday party...you know how I feel about these things. I am glad you stuck to your religion and celebrated with a party...you KNOW EXACTLY what I am talking about!

Nash said...

Your hair is super cute.
Babies grow too fast.
Love the party favors, you are SO MARTHA! I need a little martha in my life. I have such good intentions.

christy said...

cute hair and favors. happy first b-day to your baby!

Than, Erica, Pacen & Camry said...

I love love love your bangs. They are super cute! And great job being crafty mom. We're still working on that. :)

Bailey said...

How funny. I was born in April too. Happy Birthday Baylee!

cori said...

cute little girl. i love the shirt.
your crafty brooke. those are dang cute!

clegger said...

Brooke! You are one hott mamma! I love your hair--esp. the bangs! You are so cute. And wow! Those party favors are adorable. You are so creative. I love checking your blog and seeing all the pics. You need to be a column writer. My mom and I will be in L.A. May 2nd-May 7th. I can't wait to see your fam!

Heather said...

Darby would love my yard. It's a sea of dandelions. I really need to get some weed killer. Cute hair do. Love the pails. So creative. Baylie really is a cutie girl. Congratulations on the new nephew. He's a cutie too.

b w e said...

did you tell baylie that you are supposed to make a wish before you blow out dandelions?

Lindsey said...

I love the pictures. Darby looks super old and so pretty! Happy Birthday to Baylie--that was the cutest party I have been too. You guys went all out! So fun!

Amberli said...

wow, happy birthday cute girl. that was a fast year!

you're hair is real cute, i want to CHOP mine off so bad. it's coming, i can feel it!