Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cool News

Have you ever done something slightly embarrassing?

Okay, so I do that all the time.

But this time it paid off.

I decided to stalk my favorite parenting book author, Tamara Fackrell . I tracked down her email. (Thank you Google) And I gushed about how much I am in love with her book. And if she was ever in LA, I would love to buy her lunch.

Well, guess what?

She emailed me back. Twice. She is coming to CA in June and said she'd love to meet me. I already know we will be great friends. Cause she is so cool. And I so semi-worship her. But CA is very big so who knows if it will work out, but I would be so excited. And when does stuff like that ever happen. Stuff like when you get a crazy idea to do something silly and it turns out to be neat.


mist said...

That is fantastic about the author. You should meet her anywhere. Maybe you could be a contributor to her next title. If I am ever an author you can contribute to my book:-)I feel straight sadness for your car. However, I do think Jason has a little wiggle room to catch you on the wreck numbers....either way that is not fun! Maybe I can run to LA and stay for the excuse, friend duty calls! )Portable DVD players are genius, string cheese is yummy, and you will just have to use your blow up thing while you are stuck at your house this week. Good Luck Cort!

Lisa -- said...

That is cool that you might have the chance to meet her. About Costco on your sidebar, you may consider the Executive membership and/or American Express card through them. Even though they are more, you get money back with those programs and it pays for itself during the year and then some!! Paola and Jennifer often talk about their rebate checks (with larger families they spend more). We just switched in August and received our first rebate check which covered our membership difference (switching mid year) already. It is awesome!

Lindsey said...

That is seriously awesome! Way to go. How fun Luke is in basketball! I bet he is the best on the team for sure.

christy said...

man, i would be bumbed if i crashed my van. i should clean it though.

cool about the lunch with the author. maybe i should read that book.

if you pay attention to how much you pay by weight at the grocery store and then costco you will see that you save money(unless you find a great sale) but you're buying in bulk so it may not feel that way. i used to save enough in a year on milk alone to cover my membership. now i get milk from the local dairy but i still buy lots of stuff from costco. i have the executive membership and american express so i save extra there and on everything i buy elsewhere and the reward at the end of the year more than covers the following year membership.

good luck courtney! your first two are even closer in age than mine. the first few months were a bit tough but now she's in 4th grade and he's in 3rd and they are great friends.

Heather said...

I pay an extra $20 a year on my car insurance for loss of use coverage. It pays for me to get a rental if mine is out of commission. In the summer of 2001, I had a tree limb fall right in the middle of the roof of the Explorer I had at the time. It was a week or two before the 4th of July. They took forever to get the parts, and then the repairs were delayed by the 4th. I wasn't able to drive my car for 3 weeks. It was a major pain in the rear. I thought at the time that I had loss of use coverage, but I didn't. So I made sure that it was added to my policy. I haven't had to use it, but it's there if I need it. It would be even more of a pain now since I live by myself.

cori said...

brooke!! i know how much you love her. she is amazing. you could write a book too! for reals. that is so fun for you!

English Garden said...

Ooohhh! where oh where are you going to dine?!!!