Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wonderful Day of Nothing

Do sometimes you feel like you run yourself ragged?

And you can't make a decision ...

Well today is a day of nothing.

Maybe an errand.

Definitely a picnic outside.

Hopefully a nap for the kids.

Don't be offended if I don't call you back.

Or answer the phone.

My small brain can't take one more thing.

And a few movies.

No mommy guilt.

Just nothing.

I can feel myself unwinding already.

I could use a few more chill pills.

Say Cheese!

I must have looked like a crazy person taking these pictures.

Yesterday was the day for the dentist.

My kids first time.

It was a big deal. I was so proud.

They were champs. Dr. Kirshbaum, Thanks.

I really liked their office.


christy said...

yep! we need those kinds of nothing days to balance all the over scheduled ones. i just sat and watched Enchanted with my kids this morning. It's only the third time I've seen it and we bought it yesterday. Now I need to either clean or run errands, don't wanna do either.

Lindsey said...

They look like they did really good at the dentist! Way to go. Hope you all got a good nap in today. I did!

Heather said...

Yeah for kids that cooperate at the dentist. Mel has to bribe Lauren. One time she promised to get her a prize for being good at the dentist, and she never got it. So the next time, Lauren said, "And can we go get it today after school?" She's learned that if she doesn't get it right away, Mel will forget.

Amber said...

Jackson goes for the first time in a few weeks so that should be interesting.

Renee said...

My kids did surprisingly well when they went. They actually liked it. I guess it helps when they play a movie while looking at their mouths. Hang in there. I'm with ya.

cori said...

oh poor peeps. cute little chick-a dee's. easter is coming. peter cottontail is just around the corner. and little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest.....

and jason is our best friend. BYU or bust. for reals.