Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday in the Garment District

Can you tell who is at my house?

Baylie's hair is the clue.

Isn't it cute? Hairsprayed and curled.

yep, this is the best picture I could get. ..with the toothbrush. hey, we try promote oral health here inbetween all the candy we eat.

Miss B driving

We convinced Luke and Kennadi to go to the Garment (fabric) District in Downtown LA. Misty's kids (opps, I gave away the answer) did way better than mine. I had to promise Luke that I would never drag him there again...Oh now, that means I'll have to shop there without him.

Heather and Christy, this is why you need to come to LA. You would love this place. And I was guided with the expert wedding/party planner who haggles with all the fabric stores for the best prices.

This is the parking structure. I've parked here for the last 6 years...always lots of cars in the smog -filled downtown LA heat. I think LA has all those languages here in this city, and they might all live in my neighbor.


English Garden said...

I took Kate and Sara with Tanya one time, never again, garment district is for moms only!! Hope you got some good stuff though.

Heather said...

That place looks a bit overwhelming. I spend hours trying to select fabric in our small Hancock's. It would take days to select from all of that. I'm very indecisive.

charlotte and clarke said...

Another thing I missed in LA-ugg! Hope you found some good deals. Hey has Jackie had her baby?

Lindsey said...

Cute pictures! Happy Easter!

christy said...

I will have to come down and have you take me there sometime to stock up on awesome fabrics. I tried to go there when I was in LA a few years ago and got lost and sick of traffic. I ended up in Beverly Hills and then just went over to Hollywood and walked around the Kodak theatre area a bit. Some of my friends went down to buy all their fabrics for the fashion show back in college. they got some good stuff for cheap. i've also been to NYC fashion district but didn't really know where to go for what. i didn't really need anything anyway.

Anonymous said...

You are on top of your blogging....always new and cute pictures of the McCoys. Baylie is so adorable. It's funny...she looks just like your Mom to me! :) Hope all is well.

brand said...

ok first my compliments with lukes hair tell him i think it looks rad. second, sorry but misty makes you look pretty bad. her hair was gorgeous, i couldn't even recognize her in the second photos. but thanks anyways love ya'll and at least looks hair is cool normally too. : )