Saturday, March 8, 2008

Movie Recommendation

Friday nite I drove 40 minutes to the Beverly Center movie theatre (nobody was in the whole place) and met my sister to see Step Up 2.   GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  We loved it.  Like love love I want to go dance on my table love it.  Like you forget you are a dorky mom for a second and want to go compete against the 410.  Word.  

 As a fan of Step Up 1 I was skeptical about the sequel especially without the original cast, but it was fabulously funny.  Very clean except for minor cussing.  Do not be misled by the horrible poster (this is not it) and bad marketing.  Cause I still want to know if Andi made up with Tuck and was he really just mad because he wanted to date her?   I so am buying this to put next to my Step Up 1 dvd.  

We had so much fun and were cracking up.  I can ignore a little cheesiness and plot issues when you have great music and amazing dancing.  Plus, I just love movies and don't always want to watch something heavy.  Step Up 2 is delightful movie candy which I fully endorse.    

I am even debating going to see it again for my birthday this week.  

Thomas the Magic Railroad is the worst movie I have ever seen.  I have had to suffer through it at my house and in my car a dozen times.  I hate this movie.  I want to kill it.  like punch the director stupid.  I know everyone needs a paycheck once in a while, but where is the self-respect?  Why Alec Baldwin did you do this?  And little Matilda girl, you were so good and now its sooo so bad.  

I sometimes enjoy reliving my childhood and watching the kids movies of my crazy children (peter pan, mary poppins) , but this is insulting.  And my children love it?  How do they follow the 15 subplots and totally pointless dialogue.  Why can't I talk you out of this?  And why haven't I just tossed it in the trash?  I really don't care if you find the lost engine or if Mr. Conductor gets more magic stupid dust.  Boo.  


beth said...

Ooohh, this is good. I think all parents should report on lame-o movies to NOT buy for your kids. Tyler is totally getting into Thomas, so I'll be sure to skip this particular DVD if we ever get him any Thomas videos.

Crazy Lady said...

I am not a Thomas-hater. We have the trains and I like the Thomas show and the Thomas books, but not this movie.

Renee said...

My mom said Step Up 2 was good too. I do want to see it too. It will probably make me want to put on my old dancin' shoes.

Christine said...

I'm with ya, that thomas movie is awful! i got it for my kids thinking oh i bet this is good b/c it is a cute thomas movie. Luckily my kids have never asked to see it again! Happy birthday this week!

English Garden said...

Eric and I had the same kind of movie experience when we watched 'beacuse I said so' with Diane Keaton, it was terrible, and it was slightly amusing that I watched the special features because I wanted to see if any of the actors were going to say something like 'I read the script to this movie and thought it had a great story but it kinda turned out crap, ooops! you win some you loose some' but no, same old, they all raved about how wonderful each other was and what an honor it was to work with each other. So do you think they know its crap?!!

Amberli said...

i'm so glad you've endorsed step up2. darek will make so much fun of me for wanting to see it but at least i can blame it on you!

christy said...

i hate that thomas movie too. we have it but never watch it. my kids watch a lot of veggie tales and disney movies.
i like fun movies too. i don't want to see something that will make me sad, angry, or scared.
Carrie and I saw Penelope last week and loved it. We want all the clothes from the movie too.

clegger said...

Happy Birthday this week! Sounds like you all are doing well! Keep bloggin' Brooke--you are pro at it.

your cuz