Thursday, March 6, 2008

Questions of the Universe

This is pretty deep, so stay with me imaginary people.

1. Is there a good use for socks that have lost their partner? Some thing that is greener than just tossing them out? Should I be making hair bows out of them or something useful? Baby socks and kid socks specifically, cause I dont' lose mine.

2. Why do I try to be perfect mom "no TV" at the worst times, like when I'm cooking dinner? Maybe if I would just put on Dora then I wouldn't have to sit on Darby with biscuit dough on my hands to stop her from clobbering her sister.

3. Why are quesadillas always a winning lunch and dinner choice? Especially with my canned chicken and Ro Tel. And why is it sooo funny when my sister Court purposely slaughters spanish words and pronounces them phonetically?

4. Why did Asia get kicked off American Idol? The one time I didn't vote....that Ryan Seacrest is right, your favorites are not safe. I think she is just as good as Brooke.

SHOUT OUT and Happy Birthday to my funny sister Courtney

CONGRATS TO JACKIE who doesn't blog and delivered a healthy baby boy today named Blake.


christy said...

just throw out the socks. you won't have so many once their feet get bigger. I used to was them in one of those zipper net laundry bags to try and prevent them from disappearing. you could just let them wear socks that don't match every wednesday for "wacky wednesday". ha!
i usually send the kids to their rooms or out on the trampoline while I'm cooking dinner, or get my hubby to deal with them.
Happy B-day Courtney!

gay said...

dang it my comment got it erased. basically i'm with you on the tv thing. i used to think "NO TV". seriously, why not? gives the kids some down time, we get a few things done and we're all happy and ready to move on to the next thing. Seriously, as moms, we need to loosen up a bit and not be guilty creatures!!

mist said...

Use the socks as dust rags. I know people who safety pin socks together before they put them in the washer..hmm, I am definately not that organized. Asia...seriously, I thought she was cute and had a pretty voice. I say out with Kristy. Deep thoughts on Dora and quesadillas...I have none. We don't eat quesadillas and Kennadi lived on Dora for 8 months during my long nap with Preslie. It didn't make Kennadi least I don't think:-) Kennadi says, "Happy Easter."

Heather said...

Congratulations to Courtney and Carl! He's movin' on up. At least they will still be within driving distance. That's nice for your Mom and Dad.

Lindsey said...

I love the funny face Simon Says. That is awesome. I was waiting for your funny face.

English Garden said...

Chuck the socks, I leave out the odd ones until the next laundry cycle and if they don't find their partner then their gone!! I liked Asia too, bummer, and the TV, heck I've given up, seriously I used to love watching TV as a kid its one of my fond memories. We came home from school and watched, plus I think your kids are pretty active and have a balanced lifestyle, the no TV should be more geared to those who are just watching TV and not really getting out. Thats my take on the universe!!