Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Monday

The Monday clean. I try not to clean much on Sunday and then usually realize I should have given it a bigger go on Saturday, so by Monday I'm itching to clean. (yes C and M, no lecture here, I'm improving...and you know who you are...sisters!) The daily struggle with my kitchen floor. Why did I not do before and after's of the kids room because it was quite a feat today. I only make them really really clean like (like vacumn-able) every 4th day or so. We have to straighten everyday, but sometimes mommy is tired.

BUT BACK TO SUBJECT AT HAND. The dang kitchen floor. three meals a day it gets killed and I sweep and wipe. That is a place mat fallen on the floor. I will pat myself on the back because this weekend I taught D to put away the utensils...score one for me-self. Cause kids plates and kids cups wasn't doing a big enough dent...don't worry, Luke mastered utensils long ago. crap, I went off subject again. oh yes, my nasty floor.

Regular old Monday at the McCoy manor.

Knights and princesses.

We are obsessed...or those two are. Luke takes that big stick thing and runs up and down the driveway 'jousting' and then says he uses the sword later. a foam sword, don't worry.

LA side note: This is such a funny place. four doors down from my badly cracked and rented driveway was a convertible Bentley. Black. I was pulling the girls in the wagon and Luke was scootering (is that a word) and I stopped and stared. The lady looked like I was crazy, but you don't see one of those everyday...just every third maybe.

Gotta show the shoes

I hesitate to show this picture, but I want you to think of my poor sweet B who crashed on her Face on Friday. So this is greatly improved. OUCH is right. Poor thing. At least the scrape on her head is better. The nose is worse when its mixed with snot. Her hair was post-nap

Better shot of the soon to be five year old. Am I drum rolling this birthday thing enough? Well, thats just cause he is so excited.
I love you my little knight.


cori said...

yes. monday monday. tomorrow is another day.

happy birthday week!

thanks for the phone call last week.

Lindsey said...

I love you too Knight and Princess. Can't wait to see you guys soon! Poor Baylie. Kisses from me. So sorry. That is a good one--one for the baby book:).

Heather said...

That's the only thing I miss about having a dog. They will clean up anything that gets dropped on the floor. Poor Baylie. Ouies on the face are no fun.

English Garden said...

I feel like my kitchen floor never gets mopped enough.

Anonymous said...

I just laugh looking at Luke's knight outfit - a motley assortment of pieces. And the fact that he's in knight mode because of the wood pole he found in the garage while I was cleaning to double as a jousting stick. He had been putting the bike lock on it like the rings at the renaissance fair and "riding" up and down the driveway!

For being a touch chic, Darby sure is girlie. I just want to squeeze her, squeeze her!

- Jason

Tara said...

Hey Brooke,

It's been a long time but I'm a long lost friend from high school. Amy Wimberly told me about your blog, and your children are absolutely precious! We have a blog also. It is Yes, I married Andrew Roney and we have a 2 year old named Brooks.
I hear ya about the kitchen floor. It is my worst enemy these days! I am so embarrassed about it, but hey, what do you do? My email is We're in Columbus, GA. Hope to hear from you!
Tara (Smith) Roney

Anonymous said...

At least you are not married to 'Mr. Clean' who would have to wipe the floor before the family could pray prior to each meal : )

Lisa -- said...

Happy birthday to you and Luke! Hope you had a great one.