Monday, March 24, 2008

Definitely not a ho hum weekend

Luke all decked out in his easter suit from Nana. Quite the handsome guy I must say.

I think the graphics class in college taught me why pictures with lines look all swirly like that on a computer, but alas college was too long ago and I have forgotten.

Hope you had a great Easter. Ours was a blast, or at least the pre-Easter festivities. We were planning on a regular old weekend full of errands and chores, UNTIL our friends decided to come for a visit Thursday. We had so much fun and miss them already. We loved our weekend sleepover. Please come again.

The most memorable moments I don't even have pictures for. Like how well the kids played together. How Darby peed her pants in front of the missionaries in the backyard. Or how Kennadi is now more familiar with the male anatomy because Luke would pee in front of anyone or anywhere. Jason blames me for this, but sometimes its so handy.

OR how the movie Misty and I were going to see wasn't there (cause I'm an airhead and must have checked the wrong day) so we ended up going shopping and to Pinkberry. Way more fun anyway.

OR have we decided to go check if Pantages theatre had any tickets available for the show that started in an hour (and they did) so we saw WICKED! Yes that is my second time and I love it double.

OR how when Jason gave his talk at church on Sunday to my surprise, Darby ran up to the podium. Jason didn't miss a beat and just picked her up and finished giving his talk. I especially loved that she had stickers all over her arms and a flourscent dinosaur in her mouth. Fortunately everyone thought it was cute, but I was a bit red.

OR how Jason ended up getting free tickets to March Madness and was so excited, but watched BYU lose in Anaheim. Big sigh, but he was glad to go. Once in a if we could just smack those cougars into shape.

Preslie and Baylie cutie pies in their swimsuits.

Darby is a die-hard beach gal.

This is Jason's castle. We had a competition. He totally lost. Everything we do ends up a competition and yes, I usually win although he violently disagrees.

Cause this was the enormous pit I dug that the kids could sit in. Trent dug a pit too, but I beat him as well...okay so maybe his was twice as deep, but I still won.

The Easter Bunny came. Even though the carpet needed to be vacuumed, the bunny still came. I was surprised how many eggs Baylie found. Luke was more selective and would open the eggs to see if he liked the candy inside before he would claim it. Sneaky kids.


Lindsey said...

That sounds like SOO much fun. I can't believe you saw wicked again! You guys are party animals. Love the beach pictures. It looks so warm!

Nick and Karin Murray said...

Hi Brook!! of course I remember you, how are you?
Thanks for the comment on my blog, yeah it's exciting to have 3 babies at one time.
I like your blog and your kids are so cute.

cori said...

oh so cool of jason. such a great dad. love that part of the whole thing. and of course the pics of your peeps. so cute. like lukes new duds.

mist said...

We hope you enjoyed your easter.

beth said...

Luke looks handsome. Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend. I wanna go to the beach!!!!!!

Heather said...

Sharp Suit! Nana has good taste. That is soo funny that Luke peeked inside the eggs before taking them.

English Garden said...

Oh! I so wished I had come to the beach, next time. Just curious, how much are tickets to Wicked an hour before? I must be the only person that hasn't seen it yet.