Friday, February 8, 2008

McCoy week in Review

This week I sorted.
Books, clothes, boys and girls. Which means we made a bigger mess in order to create more order...that is the goal at least. And I have little piles of hand-me-downs for my friends to pick up with younger kids... This picture is actually after darby was 'reading' but it pretty much sums up the state of my house this week combined with a cold we all have.

I made this hat. Can you believe it?
Two months long it took thanks to the free knitting classes on Wednesday night at the church.

See this small print? And the bookmark at the bottom?

Well, we finished this book. It took probably eighteen months of reading about a page during breakfast every morning. And stopping to describe, paraphrase, and give definition for words. Jason and I can animate the Book of Mormon quite well now. I will confess we probably skipped around 5 pages in Nephi 2 due to the figeting of my two year old. Hey, we're not perfect. We got in such a habit, that if I forget Luke would shout, "We need to read the Book of Mormon"
I don't think reading during breakfast is a good long term answer, but fine for the ages of my kids. And I definitely learned alot, even though I've read it many times before, when I tried to break it down to have a four year old understand.

My friend makes the best cheesecake
(this one hasn't been decorated yet, but you can imagine). We babysat for them a couple weeks ago and in exchange I wanted her to tell me the secrets of her cheesecake.

February 2001 I stayed up all night making a cheesecake as a surprise for Jason on Valentine's day. Cheesecake is his favorite dessert. In the wee hours of the night, the fire alarm goes off, Jason wakes up grouchy wondering what the heck I'm up to and I end up crying. I have been scarred all these years to ever attempt it again. I ended up chucking that cheesecake and cursing it all the way to the trash. It was gross. And complaining at my sister for giving me a bad recipe. I was a really really bad cook then...BUT as I learned last night, a cheesecake needs 24 hours to set and might taste 'gross' after a few hours, but needs to wait longer. So pretty much that cheesecake would have probably been fine, but I would have missed Valentine's for it...just in time for my anniversary four days later.

Goal next week: To get more sleep. And get better.


cori said...

yahoo for you! love weeks like this. and huge blessing are in store for you! good job on the book of mormon. that is awesome! and the hat. my word. you have been busy!

Heather said...

Yeah for organization! Great job on the hat. I've never learned to knit. That's great that you've read and explained the whole Book of Mormon to your kids. The only kind of cheese cake I've ever made is the Jello ones that you just stick in the fridge. No cooking envolved. I've had 'real' cheese cake, and it is soo much better. Hope your colds go away soon!

Lindsey said...

That is the prettiest hat ever!! It really looks Darling on Darby--and her grey shirt!! I love it love it! that is impressive on the Book of Mormon. And so cute that Luke reminds you. I hope you can get some sleep tonight!! xoxo

Beth said...

Darby is looking really grown-up, and I'm totally impressed and inspired that you guys all read the BOM. That is really awesome!

English Garden said...

Ooohh! I totally found some cute hats online that I now want to knit, maybe I'll have to get advice! Yum, yum cheesecake, is it Jackie's?

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot about the midnight cheesecake. I love that you are constantly trying new things...good for you! I wish you could come to my pink tea on Wednesday...if you are in the area drop by:-)