Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another good one from Tamara

Behold, the pizza cookie.
We need daily sweets at our house. So we eat fruit and salads too to make up for it. This is the fourth time we've made this monster confection. Second time its been blue. The first time the frosting has been so thin (cream cheese frosting of course). The recipe calls for fruit topping, but I just do sprinkles...does that count? And where o where did I get this recipe? From my favorite book in the whole world.

This one right here.
It is dirty and bent and totally used.
More like a flip through and peruse than read thru from chaper to chapter. works great with my adult ADD. I seriously could go on and on.

Tamara is my cheerleader, and I need a cheerleader.
She gives me ideas to teach my kids how to work, sharing toys, family home evening, and creating family unity. More ideas than you know what to do with. Tons of teaching activities. I love it. This book helped me when Luke was biting and hitting every child within reach and I was crying and upset. If only I knew when he turned four all would be better and it was just the age and a phase. Thank goodness! One good idea is when your kid is being rotten you say, "That's not like you . You rarely disobey. You must be having a hard day. " I first read this book when Darby was five months old (Thanks sister Courtney who got it for me, I love you too!) and I just thought, crap! Why? didn't I read this sooner cause it would avoided issues.

Sometimes I'll go six months without picking this baby up (except for the recipes I'm always using cause they are fast and basic) and then I remember how much I love it and my crush grows. I love that she is not an old lady (sorry old ladies) looking back twenty years later and wrote the book between her fourth and fifth children (crazy for sure). And she has a law degree to boot. One of my favorite is her concept of "Move the cookies" in not setting ourselves up 'for the frustration of failure'. Like don't tell the kid to not touch the cookies on the table, just move the dang cookies!!!!

Tamara also says "Having good children is more training than natural ability. "If you want your children to behave perfectly in front of others, train them"

Amen, sista.


English Garden said...

O.K. I'm totally reading the book. I should have read it a looong time ago.

Lindsey said...

Those are such good reminders! That dessert pizza looks amazing. I am wanting it for breakfast right now. I totally need to get to reading that book!

beth said...

I love book recommendations like this from other moms. I will check it out sometime.

cori said...

you {and tammy} are my hero.

Renee said...

I've been meaning to check this book out just because you say it is so good.

Heather said...

That cookie looks yummy. Love the messy face picture. We have spaghetti face pictures of several of us at that age. One of my sisters even dumped the bowl on her head.

Amber said...

I've got to get that book! You've given me hope that Jackson will get better after four:)