Monday, February 4, 2008

I must be her mother if I think this is cute.
This is her playing peek a boo.

Baylie Mae status as follows:

Age: 10 months

6 teeth

can take 6 steps at a time

only when going towards chocolate
or to put a rock in her mouth.

The older sister. Can always make her sister smile.

We had a hat war...who will keep it on. Right now, Mom 0, B 1

Good thing uncle Nathan is going to be a dentist! Check out that gap!

I must be cruel if I can laugh at a baby. But is this the funniest you ever saw? She will kill me one day for showing this. And laughing at her while I took it.
I call it: struggle with hat


Amber said...

You're kids are too cute!

Heather said...

That's funny! The gap will fill in when she gets her permanent teeth. Better to have too much space than too little. I just came from FHE at your parent's house. We had an air hockey tournament. The final round was played with 4 pucks at one time. Wish I'd thought to get my camera out of my purse.

English Garden said...

Super cute. Sara's 5th tooth finally emerged but it is only barley poking through the gum!!

Anonymous said...

The pics make me laugh. All kids should have at least 100 photos that are good for blackmail when they are older.

Laura said...

the leopard print fur coat is awesome. six teeth and walking at 10 months?? holy cow.

Adam said...

So stinkin' cute.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Hooray for laughing at your kids while they struggle with something simple! (It's also funny with husbands too!)
Be glad for Bailey's gap! Isabella had perfectly beautiful baby teeth and when they came out and adult teeth started coming in, she had major crowding issues. But I'm happy to report, that a mere $3,500 later she has perfect teeth again (for a few more years anyway!). =/
Adorbale pics!


Anonymous said...

I really do know how to spell a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. Haha!

Lindsey said...

I love those up close picts of Baylie. Darby looks so cute in her hat too. Looks so cold. I am ready for some heat! I can't believe 6 steps! Wait, yes I can, she is a MCCOY!!

cori said...

those are the sweetest best captured moments. love em. you are quite the photog!

b said...

yeah i def. thinks baylie has more dalton than darby. xoxo