Monday, February 11, 2008

Easy to please: excited about old dirty jars

This pile of old junky boxes makes me happy. Why?
Because I got them for free. Because now I can feed my canning hobby.
Because now I have a load of projects ahead of me. Because now I really need a garden.
My pal Chani, Shout OUT, who just had told me about Cloroxing used jars to save some Genius idea and then the next day I get a call from a friend who knew someone getting rid of all their jars! What luck! Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to CAN!

Its finally popsicle time again! Hot day today! Pink cheeks

Shame on me for not taking a picture of her sooner, but here is B the pink. She can do a good bit now, but usually when I'm not looking.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sister;
What a champ,..... cooking, canning, knitting (which is totally against my religion)the next thing we'll be hearing from the the west coast is that Brooke is now sewing aprons. You go girl!
momma jules

Heather said...

Free stuff is great. Could you run the jars through the dishwasher? If the water temp is high enough, it would sterilze them. Cute pictures of the kids. I love popsicles.

your bro said...

wow your kids are old

Anonymous said...

brooke will you make me a hat?

Anonymous said...

Finally popsicle time again?! HOW RUDE! Some of us are still freezing to death! Haha!
Congrats on the FREE jars! Awesome.


beth said...

I can't believe that is Baylie walking! WHAT! She is so big. Time flies. And Darby is looking big too. Can't they all just stop growing sometimes. :)

cori said...

yahoo for baylie! such a cutie! and good job on those jars. i just threw out freezer bit jam. i need to buy some of those jars. i had them in "ziplock" plastic containers. didn't work well.

christy said...

we have had good results canning black raspberry jam and salsa. the peaches didn't turn out so great. we need to try the cold pack method instead. we had lots of plants and trees at our old house. now we're starting over in a new yard.

Rocky said...


I'd give those cans a wash or two. I don't want your kids getting floppy baby syndrome.


Courtney said...

That is crazy that Baylie is walking. I wish Emma Jane could come out and play with Baylie and Brenna...maybe that would get her walking.

Lindsey said...

I want to be there with you the next time you can. Please. That was so fun at your house. It is always a party.

Amy Y said...


Your family is so adorable. I'm glad to see that everything is going well.