Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good and Bad: Valentines Hum Bug

So being a happily married person I should love Valentine's day. But not this year. I have no card for Jason. No cards for the kids. I usually think that Valentine's day is one day to be fussy and cheesy, but I am not in the mood.

Ba Hum Bug. Here is the good and bad of the day.

We are leaving for Arizona tomorrow to visit family! Road Trip

Bad: I am not ready for tomorrow's road trip and have lots to do

Good: Baylie just went down for a nap and I don't think she has pink eye

Bad: I am starting to have a pink eye issues and think everything is pink eye and that it will contaminate everything and everyone

Good: Baylie survived her fall out of the crib this morning with no seen owies...Jason was in the shower and I was running. Jason said her fall sounded like the door was being slammed...Loud. And her crib is lowered...tricky little monkey girl.

Bad: I hurt my foot and couldn't run today...and its affecting my mental state. And I have guilt for ruining my running buddy's run as well.

Good: I have a wonderful husband and darling children

Bad: I told Jason not to get me a card either nor do I have him an anniversary card for Monday...I am being anti-cards. And my darling children have refused to eat my dinners this week and I'm getting a complex.

Luke "Where is the salad?" "Where is the corn?"
Me: "I can't always make salad, we are lucky to have anything tonite" "I need to buy more corn."
Luke " Why don't you make things I like? "
Me: "Mom can't eat macaroni and hot dogs everyday"
Luke "complain complain...I'm adlibing here, but you get the picture"
Me: "Hey, how many kids are there? 3 How many mom's are there? 1 Luke, it is hard being the mom! and I'm doing the best I can"
Luke: "And its only going to be harder and harder." Now we are speaking the same language.

Good: I have a two bag supply of chocolate to get me through the day. Once I eat all that I still have hot chocolate I can resort to. This should be listed as a 'bad' as well. Thank you Dove!


cori said...

wow. that is so cute of little luke. talk about speaking the same language. happy valentines day! oh and have fun on your trip.

Rachel said...

we are going to AZ tomorrow too! want to caravan? i'll look for you on the road. myabe we can trade kids for awhile on the drive.....

Rachel said...

p.s. i think valenitne's day is a totally lame holiday forcing us all to be romantic along with the rest of the world. so i feel bah humbug about it every year. i think it's much better to show your love all the time.

Renee said...

I have always said that Valentine's Day is my least favorite holiday.I actually despise it. We aren't doing anything exciting either if that makes you feel any better. Well,have a great time in AZ.

English Garden said...

I'm not so into valentine's either and as usual Eric got me a card and I couldn't face the store with 2 kids so I don't have one for him, same usually goes for birthdays and Christmas. To make up for it though I think I'll get him a cherry pie later on, his favorite. Maybe you could get Jason a cheescake and ice on it and it could be a card and gift in one.

Anonymous said...

your dad and I have come up with a good idea... we are saving our valentine cards and reusing them every year...

Lindsey said...

That is pretty funny Mom. Here is a good for you: At least you have a good blog:). I Love you!!