Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everytime I think I'm so smart

Christmas has gotten away from me. I am behind. Presents not ready. No cutesy nativity craft ready for my nursery class. no packages sent...except yesterday to Sharla in England. And Luke complains that we don't have enough lights outside. I tell him, one day, our house will be gawdy and light filled as the rest of them. Just not yet. Our neighborhood is pretty dark (read: doesn't celebrate Christmas) so us Santa folks got to let it rip.

And I thought I had it all figured out. But motherhood is full of the unexpected. Like the naps haven't been going so smoothly. And they've been watching more TV than I'd like. But we made up for it today, less TV I mean, but as I'm typing this I remembered that D watched Cinderella this morning during some of the toffee making. I have a love/hate with TV. It is useful and purposeful, but there is a thin line between 'educational' and 'too much' and just 'crap'. We have watched Frosty and gotta love the Grinch who stole Christmas

But I'm enjoying the Christmas music plenty. And the treats.

Good news is that I tackled my first solo attempt at my mom's famous toffee. It went okay considering B woke up in the middle of it and it never turned the color I wanted it to. We shall see.

Funny quote of the day. So you know that Santa can sure be quite handy in whipping my kids into shape. "Better listen to mom cause Santa is watching". That's not an exact quote, but you get the point...I've heard my friend Jackie use St. Nick as leverage as well. Point of the story being that Luke today in the car realized,
"I bet Baylie is going to get the most presents!"

It dawned on him that she's the least naughty since she doesn't smack anyone (yet) or talk back (yet). And she is the only one who doesn't get into trouble...oh how the time is fleeting. He said this right after him and Darby had been WWF-ing it in the car. It usually goes like this. Smack, Smack,...Smack, Smack....Kick, Smack. Crying. "Mom!!" They really do love each other. I promise. They are best friends. Best friends who wrestle and fight and make up. Right now my three little car seats are all right in a row...thats dangerous territory. I usually put one in the way way back. If you've rode in a mini-van you know where the way way back is.

Sadly B should be getting the most presents. But she isn't. Cause she's 8 months and only truly loves the wrapping paper. And D is in a serious lack of girl things.

Enough babbling for one night. Happy Christmas everyone.


Heather said...

You'd better get busy. Aren't yall heading this way next week? Luke might me confused on Christmas morning when Santa doesn't bring Baylie very much. If nothing else, wrap some diapers or something so it looks like she got more than him. Otherwise the Santa threat won't work much longer. It's easy to overlook the little ones when they don't know the difference.

embot said...

i want some of that toffee!! it sounds so good right now. and the pickles. ooooh, yummy.

cori said...

dangerous territory. you are hilarious. that is so true. i have my three in the very back back of my mini van just so i don't hear as much tattling. i choose to ignore them. hope you have a wonderful christmas with your family. are you doing christmas cards too superwoman. because i think at my rate, they won't get done. i think the mccoy's will understand. that is what blogs are for. i am sad, but i can't do it all you know?!

beth said...

Man, that is overwhelming definitely. Three kids and trying to do all the Christmas shopping. We are major toffee makers over here. I'm a pro now, but it took me at least 6 botched batches over about two Christmases to perfect it. Good luck with the shopping. Don't worry... there is still plenty of time. Just think about everything you wanna buy in your head and then take one night or day and go spend all that $$$$.

beth said...

PS - tonight I'm counting laundry quarters. Aren't you glad you don't have to do that annoying chore anymore.

anniemcq said...

That was me last year. Completely overwhelmed. I don't know why I'm not this year, because I'm still behind, but I'm just not as stressed out about it! I'd rather just enjoy this season, and my son while he's little, because this is probably his last year for Santa. I want to make it a good one. Stay calm, and enjoy it!