Saturday, December 8, 2007

Luke Lately

Don't you love when your kids rediscover their toys. Like they ignore them for a while and then find it again. Well lately Luke has been loving this hoop. Cause its been colder. But mostly cause he can swat down his mama's shots....his most favorite thing to do in the world now.

I think this in an awesome park structure.

Luke told me this was not a tea party but a campout under the table. Using his sister's plates. They poured water into everything and ate chips.

Camped out under the table.


Heather said...

Your house looks like such a fun place.

Congrats to Courtney! We need more girls in our family. I have 5 nephews and only 3 nieces. Maybe the new one will be a girl.

Lindsey said...

That is a great picture of Luke, actually in all picts, but I love him by is basketball hoop. That is pretty cute to have a campout. I am excited to check out that article.

cori said...

so fun to see your family.