Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Before its December Happy Thanksgiving

If you post the most pictures do you get a prize? Do the blogger judged come award you? If so, today I would win. If you post the most pictures, does that mean you had the most fun? Cause we did.

What is up with my bangs?

Games Games Games, and Playstation...which is a game too.

One good looking family I married into.

Which one is Carter and which one is Keaton?

We McCoys know how to party.

Jason's older brother and sister...sibling love. Doesn't erin look like she could be Darby's mom?

Peeling tatoes...PO-tatoes

Street baseball. thats how we roll. nothing like the single uncle to entertain the kids. Thanks garlan! They love you!


Lindsey said...

I love the one of you and Jason. You guys look like the cutest couple EVER! They are a cute family. What fun.

Heather said...

I think you and Erin look alike. Have you done your family history? Are you sure you're not distanly related?

English Garden said...

LOve the pictures, Baylie looks so cute with pigtails, she totally has more hair than Sara, it funny. Strangely enough you kinda look like Jason's sister a little bit.

Amber said...

Aren't big families the best? You and Jason's sister do look a lot alike.

Burke Blog said...

Hey Brooke! I got your comment...:-) Of course I remember you! :-) You look awesome by the way. I remember Daniel (boy I used to Nanny and your son would go crazy when they were around each other! ha ha
Good to hear from you!