Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why we could live in Hurricane, Utah

So while we were in the vicinity we took a trip to Hurricane, Utah to visit the Kirbys. The little town is getting big...or at least bigger.

If we see Misty it means #1 my kids get their hair done...Darby is wearing makeup and glitter, and #2 we eat really well. My friend made this yummy chocolate cake and she doesn't like chocolate, who doesn't like chocolate, I know, but I still like her, and while I'm at it...get a blog!

Southern Utah is beautiful. Next time we want to go to Zions National Park when we are there...just when I think Darby won't fall off a cliff. Hmm...maybe a few years.

Girly to the max...its actually strange that Luke and Kennadi get along so well, cause the Kirby house is all girl.

I am an idea stealer, and M is an idea supplier. What a good team. Here is a favor she made for a baby shower...for Pattycake Pancakes.

The kiddos. Mini-Mist to the left.

Its a wonder that Jason is such a fabulous dad cause I forgot to check for that when we were dating...I just thought he was cute.

Preslie sitting on Baylie and Baylie totally not being bothered by it.


Anonymous said...

Ohh, come back soon or have Luke start looking for that group house. The pic of Darby in the boa is so cute...why didn't we do a photo shoot of that. I love the pics.

English Garden said...

Share more, share more, I need some real cute baby shower ideas. Pics are adorable, as always.

Lindsey said...

Darby's hair is beautiful! Looks so fun. that is awesome of Baylie and Preslie.

cori said...

key-ute pictures. friends are the best! looks like you had a great time.

seriously cute ideas too! post more ideas! like any homemade goodness for christmas/cooking ideas? especially for visiting teaching?

Nash said...

I LOVE the name Preslie. She has great taste with a kennedy too.
ANNNnnnd, that party favor is so stinking cute. You must share more of that stuff. I am an idea stealer, but most of the time nothing materializes from it.