Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Friendly Game of Kickball

First of all, we partied in Vegas for Thanksgiving. 11 kiddies and 9 adults at the Hotel McCoy. Thanks so much we had a blast.

Again, pictures are in the wrong order again. This is in the last stretch of our walk home from the family kickball game...Mackenzie giving Darby a piggyback ride.

Darby dirty from the red dirt, the kids were covered.

Cousin Vienna got to the dirt too.

Jason's sister Erin holding Baylie...

Baylie played a good game, she was tuckered out.

Cannon walking Darby home.

Jason played kickball with Baylie strapped to him the whole time. Baylie made quite a few home runs. The team with the most adult males won...stinking Rob kept kicking right to me and I need to brush up on my kickball skills...I don't think I've played since YW. And its kinda hard when your worried about peeing your pants...my present after three babies. :)

B in the dugout.

Brinkley the pitcher.

Luke covering Jason on 2nd base.

The twins in the dirt...happy kickball day.


Lindsey said...

Looks so fun. So cute that Baylie played with Jason. She is so sweet all cuddled on Erin. So many kids. You guys did party!

Anonymous said...

The kickball game pics are darling. Gotta love the red dirt on faces...and clothes:-) Kickball, laughing and cooking class are all equated with peeing your pants....call Dr. Kohn! It was so fun having you. I found my pics of the birthday...long story, but wow what a relief.

Heather said...

Cute Pictures! That's so sweet how the older cousins are looking after Darby. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

cori said...

we got so dirty. but supa supa fun... who won anyway? oh yah. we did. hee hee

English Garden said...

Looks like such fun!! Love the pic of Jason with Baylie in the bjorn, what a super dad.