Friday, October 12, 2007

Weekly Cousin Visit

Lindsey drove an hour and twenty minutes just to get to my house...what can take 20 minutes with good traffic. Gotta love LA. And she left by 1 pm to not hit traffic on the way out. How funny how much traffic plays in our decision making here as californians. Here is my cutie pie niece Brenna 'driving' the tractor at the pumpkin patch we went to. We left with no pumpkins and then later my visiting teacher came over and brought me one. How nice.

Tapia Brothers is one of my favorites. Has farmers market, animals, things to climb on, a very miniture haunted house thing and free.

Check out those cowboy boots!

Cute girly cousins


Beth said...

Ha. We were there yesterday. I love Tapia Bros. too.

Lindsey said...

It was worth the drive! You are a great sis! Thanks for the yummiest lunch!! You have great VT's too. That is awesome.

The Haney Family said...

Aw! I want to go to a pumpkin patch. You guys are so cute. And that was so nice of your VT. How fun.

unclebobo said...

tell luke i like his haircut