Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We are all about tents and forts. This one Luke made, it kinda a funny spot. We had a picnic in the living since the kitchen table was otherwise occupied.

Luke was very specific on only certain ways to enter his fort.

Last time was parent's night at school. Talk about a trip down memory lane. I feel like such a fish out of water when it comes to school-aged children. And I can't believe I'm the parent of one. Can you find Luke's picture?

Darby and I have been enjoying our few hours alone together everyday. Yesterday we made clover jewelry. She was the model. We have this great patch of wild clover and flowers growing, its quite pretty. I haven't found a four leafed one yet.

We have a clover bracelet and ring. The necklace kept breaking.

Highly expensive accessories.

Do you remember doing this when you were a kid? As oprah would say, its a full circle moment. Even though I'm not the biggest oprah fan...sorry Cori. I used to be though. In college strangely enough.

My kids were so funny at the park.
They will find every way to use the equipment not for its intended purpose.

L and his buddy were jumping off everything they could find and D was climbing up the big slide and then climbing over the side and dropping down. I tried to video tape it, but then I mom rescued her during the middle and I felt all guilty that I was taping it. But I know what they can do and climbing is definitely one of them. One of the ladies at my church told me that I was the most lax mom they had ever seen...I don't think it was a compliment, but definitely when it comes to physical things, I let them push the limits. Besides that I am mean and rule abiding.


English Garden said...

Daisy chains, I remember making those. Such fun!!

Lindsey said...

You are so creative with the clover rings. What a cute idea! I don't remember making those at all. So cute. That is adorable about parents night and awesome pict of Luke in the swing.

Nash said...

Sometimes women at church can be so annoying. I have heard my mom and women from her generation say those things about my generation in terms of discipline. I just get sick of jumping up every 5 seconds, so I wait.
I am also not that into Oprah, I can only handle her once in awhile. My husband can't stand her and thinks she states the obvious. She is always acting as though she's so well versed in parenting, blah, blah, blah. That's irritating when she isn't even a parent, or married! I'll stop there.

cori said...

cute pictures. love reading about your family. i love the pic luke drew. that is priceless.