Sunday, October 14, 2007

The really perplexing questions of the evening are in no particular order.

1. How much is too much money to spend on a halloween costume?

2. Why does Bella want to be a vampire so bad? ( just finished New Moon...don't tell me anything all you who have read the 3rd one) And who is going to play Edward in the movie?

3. How do I cook butternut squash so that I can make baby food out of it? Do I bake it in the oven? Microwave?

4. Why is Baylie starting to wake up again? Is she teething? Is she sick? Just when you think you have it down, the kids will get tricky.

5. How can I get Darby to stay in bed at her bedtime?

6. Will Luke's teacher find out that I'm not going to give him another TB test even though they told me too cause I am dumb and told them I read it myself and then argued with the school nurse?

7. Where should I hang my pictures up in my newly rearranged living room? Thanks Jason.

8. Why is the WICKED soundtrack so good?

Okay, thats it, my brain is closed. Any answers for me?


Amber said...

Well, Bella needs to be a vampire, unless she wants to be killed. And because she loves Edward. Wouldn't you do anythingto be with the one you loved. HA HA.....
As for Darby getting out of bed. This idea worked for a friend of mine. Everynight she put three pennies (or nickels) on the floor in front of the door to her room. Every time her daughter got up, she took a coin away. How many ever coins were left in the morning, were her daughters to keep. Seemed to work for her, but Darby has to love coins more than getting out of bed. Just an idea. Good luck.

cori said...

i have answers for you!

-save your money for the corn mazes and haunted houses.

-haven't read new moon, will this month, but if she loves him that much, she should. i would if brandon was a vampire.

-just buy it in a jar!

-give baylie tylenol at bedtime!

-tell darby you'll take all her toys away.

-school nurses are NAZI's about that stuff.

-wicked? oh my,{single tear.} i love it so much. but you already know that.

i'm not that girl...oh elphie. i am you for halloween. green and all.

English Garden said...

I boiled the butternut squash for Sara and you should post a pic of the re-arranged room. I love re-arranging.

Nash said...

I am the 5% who did NOT like twilight. Sorry!
I want to be elphaba for Halloween, wah!
Give Darby melatonin to get her to sleep, do it for a couple weeks to form habit.
Wicked has been brought back from the vault it was in for a few was time.
Gonna clean, maybe I'l clean to that CD. My kid didn't eat baby food. He does like straight avacado from the skin, and sweet potato.

Courtney said...

I cut the butternut squash down the middle. Then, scraped out the strings on the insides. Cut it up. Then steamed it. Then, put it in the food processor.