Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We went to the local carnival at the Catholic church down the street. So cute. Phillipino food, Mexican, Italian, live music, and can't remember what else. And the games were really easy so we came home with tons of prizes...the kids scored. Darby was way more adventurous on the rides. She will do anything I swear she has no fear.

Of course Jason pounded the heck out of this thing and won us some silly string. So I made him do it again, cause we need two...duh.

Kinda funny picture to include but I finally downloaded all the pictures from my camera, the others were my moms camera. After we saw this lady we were very impressed an older lady was handling this snake! Not like my grandma. Although I will say that both my kids grandmas and nana could handle it though.


cori said...

i can't believe how cool you are. running, saw a movie, and you eat pomengranite. it is so crazy because for the FIRST time in my life i just ate one on sunday. my mom bought one, and we cracked it open and really was like finding a hidden treasure. mackenzie has eaten it in her lunch all week. it was amazing.

Heather said...

Yeah, I could see your Mom holding a snake. We'll be going to the fair next weekend.