Thursday, October 25, 2007

Forts, Pickles, and Funny Faces

I can make pickles! Can you believe it? And they are yummy! I am going to eat one right now. Put in your Christmas requests because that is what you are all getting...don't think I'm joking.

Baylie standing (read: motherhood is getting harder now that all 3 are mobile)

This is the wierd face that Baylie makes. Very very strange. All day long. Kinda wonder what is wrong, but she is a McCoy/Evans so of course thats it.

Just to remember what the cute face is because I don't see it anymore, just strange face.

This is where I put my pickles. That is TJ's pulled pork (not as good as bama but I can't give up trying). Jason, stop gagging. Like my plate? That's how I roll.

Get me out my highchair already. Sheesh lady.

Today's fort. Using kitchen chairs. Check out my sweet linoleum. I want to paint them and the table but can't decide on a color.

And there's the little darlings. Might forgive them for setting it up in a major walk house is small, there's only so many walk ways. No today was such a fun day. It was just great.

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Lindsey said...

I love the pickles and Baylie's funny face. The many phases of wierd faces. Gotta love it--and the strange noises mine make too sometimes. I am always like--hope that one doesn't last long:). Go Baylie for crawling. It is so awesome.