Monday, October 15, 2007

Quick Visit with Family

The Morleys came to visit for a few hours on Saturday. They had been partying at Disneyland for a few days on fall break. We loved seeing them for as long as we can get them.
Luke just kept asking why they didn't stay longer, but we are glad you came by.

Painting the sidewalk

Erin is gorgeous...good thing cause this is exactly what Darby is going to look like when she grows up.

Getting a little muddy playing soccer. Everyone was sweaty at the end of the friendly game.

Darby...I mean Vienna :)

Reagan is a force to be reckoned with. She is so athletic...and going to tower over my kids.

Luke and Alex.


English Garden said...

Wow, Vienna does look like Darby. I love it when cousins get to visit.

cori said...

so much fun. the morleys and the mccoys. the perfect combo. and our dearest friends. for reals. did you introduce erin to blogger? i hope for a future there.

Lindsey said...

Seriously Darby and Vienna are Twinners to the T! And Erin! So fun picts.