Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Look at this spiffy new jersey. Showing our Alabama pride. Don't worry we are still big Washington and BYU fans...and USC occassionally and Utah of course. And Luke is sporting dad's shoes.

Look at my child. Today we had a play day at my house...anyone welcome and there were 15 kids! We had lots of fun with minor injuries and only a tad crying.

Darby had to get in on the action too. She is wearing dad's trusty old nasty ankle braces...do they really work Jason, cause they haven't been fool proof. He is all excited for a turkey bowl...never did get over the fact that his parents didn't let him play football.

In case you needed a closeup of this. Almost as astonishing is my clutter-free counter. Holy smokes.


cori said...

cute kids. cute pics. brandon has those same stinky laces, or braces? what are they really? just gross.

unclebobo said...

please tell luke that he is the Mac Daddy.
and i can understand jason could have been a college TE.

unclebobo said...

oh yeah and most of those votes for pres don't count cause ya'll live in the hippie / pipe-dream laden west coast.

Baby Got Back said...

Did you vote? Why is no one voting? How rude :) I voted for Mitt even though I don't think its really true...single tear.