Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween 2007

Happy Halloween!

Did you go trick or treating? We did it in shifts and Jason wasn't home so our nice neighbor friends (the finnigans) took my kids along. Here is the little kids first. How cute are they? If they had D's costume in my size I think I would buy it, too cute. But I'd really like to be Elastigirl on the Incredibles because she is my favorite character of all time (I watch too many kids movies, Jason, please take me on a date!). Minus the spandex though.

Do your pumpkins look like this yet? The inside is full too. Bugs are swarming all around the others and one side is mushy. Yum.

Is this the cutest picture you ever saw in your whole life? Can you see what is in her hand? A worm. So gross. Luke has yet to pick one up and Darby held it for 20 minutes. Gross gross, my sweet little girl who loves boys.

Darby and her buddy both holding their moving worms.

D's cute little friend Lawrence. I think that is a cute name, and they will call him Larry. So cute.

I just had to include this one of Kelsey. This is what she did when I told her to smile. So funny.


Lindsey said...

They look DARLING. I could totally see you in matching costumes with Darby:)! Pretty brave of Darby holding the worm too. She is a cutie pie!!

Lindsey said...

Shut up--you looked awesome passing out candy! Mom definitely has a competetor (SP??)

cori said...

love it all. you are still so pretty with missing teeth!

beth said...

I think your family has the most fun EVER!

Amber said...

Your kids are adorable and so is Kelsey.

At least you can say you have mold in your pumpkin. We never got around to carving ours. I guess I will use them as Thanksgiving pumpkins now and put them on my front porch. That works right?