Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where is my award?

Seriously people, today I flexed my woman powers and rocked the house at the local grocery store. The grocery gods were smiling on me.
Do you feel the love?

I saved half my bill thanks to coupons...And I was waiting for the alarms to sound and for the congratulatory response from the cashier who was about 17. Nope, but I definitely have smug satisfaction. Here is a breakdown for you.

Number of children: 3
One in Bjorn (carrier), one 'sitting' in cart, one walking.

Number of items purchased: 44

Balance: $41.61

Verified Total Savings: $40.67.

Booyahh! Holy Smokes!

And my coupons were so unorganized shoved into a sandwich bag so I had to stop and riffle through it all the time. The kids were great, only minor screaming from Darby, one scolding from a lady who didn't speak English, and one bite to Luke, but he was laughing about it, so it hardly counts.

Here was the secret, which I'm sure some of you homemakers and others are aware. Only use the the coupons when the item is already on sale. And my grocery store doubles coupons, which most do. If its not on sale, save for a later date. I didn't have a coupon for everything I bought either, but it was usually on sale. Or not. Just got really lucky today. Gotta go eat more candy.

And I should add that I did get 5 bean burrito that were 35 cents each so that helped.


Lindsey said...

that is crazy! Booyah is right!

Rachel said...

Brooke, you really are amazing on SO many levels!! I definitely need to learn how to really work coupons! Do you give formal lessons? I often look at coupons and decide they are mostly for items I don't buy. Do I need to take a closer look?

Heather said...

Way to stretch a buck! I don't think we have any grocery stores that double coupons anymore. I shop at the Wal-Mart Super Center. I like one stop shopping. But I swear stuff at the Northside one is more than at the Southside one. I doubt milk just so happens to skyrocket everytime I go to the Northside one.

gay said...

yeah, where do i even get coupons? call me lame, but i'm being for real.

Laura said...

gay, the sunday paper.

so, very impressive. i would frame that bad boy. wouldn't that have been sweet if right after they rung you up balloons came floating down and they asked you to give a speech. i am now inspired to beat your record.

Adam said...

Whoa! Feeding 5 on that budget...you are AMAZING. I am going to have to go grocery shopping with you sometime to learn the tricks.

cori said...

seriously awesome! what are you gonna buy with the money you saved? high 5 mama!

Anonymous said...

You are the COUPON QUEEN!!! I am way impressed. Way 2 s t r e t c h that dollar! xoxoxoxomom

Baby Got Back said...

by the way, some tips I got was for 4 months I did the grocery game. www.grocerygame.com
at first it was confusing, but now I can do it without their listing.

and i only get the sunday paper

( i love the paper and would get it every day but at the moment i'm incredible cheap (i mean creative and wise, wink wink) and I can't stand it when I don't get to read it and the papers start to pile)

but yes rachel, i used to think that too. but i'm now like taquitos...sure if they are $1 a box!

And heather, we don't have super walmart, or a super anything...big sigh, or else that is where i would be shopping too!