Sunday, November 4, 2007

Here's My Beef Quickly Cause I'm Tired

Here are flowers for my poor mom. (and dad) Whose bottom floor was flooded. Ruined the carpet and floors. And not with the good kind of water. Made her ditch church, which is hard to make them do. And whose daughters wished they lived closer so they could come clean crap out with her (not literally). We would be good workers. Seriously I have been wanting to go through your den so I'm sad to miss it. Think of it as a time to purge. If you live by mom, go help her. She is pooped. And you know Lindsey would be especially helpful cause she is the freaking energizer bunny, no joke. Or Tigger or Dash. Sad I only have kids show analogies.

And sorry Courtney you stepped on a nail. That sucks. Jason wants to know if it went all the way through...I guess I should call you cause a blog ain't that personal.

So I checked out this book from the library. I read about it in a magazine...a couple months ago, before Deceptively Delicious came out, the one by Seinfeld's wife. Anywhoo. Smart thinking for me, cause I doubt I'll be able to check that DD book now, it will be on hold til March! So, I thought I'd be able to skim through it real quick and learn some cool tricks to healthify my home. Not so, I think I might have to a book report when I'm finished, cause it will take some time.

Here's my beef with the 15 minutes I've spent with the book (by the way, I like it, and am thinking about buying it if I can get it used cheap on Amazon)
1. I hate when working moms tell me how busy they are (more than me is implied) because they are working mom. Okay, well so maybe I do take a few more naps than you but I'm totally busy. Busy up the waazoo. Why are we all so defensive towards each other?
2. Some recipes just sound gross. Seriously do they work? I'm actually going to have to try and find out. I was hoping I could guess from the look of it.
3. Why aren't all books included with a book on cd inside the cover. that would be brillance. So you could listen on your ipod while you run or listen while you are cleaning. reading is good don't get me wrong, but I would like the option.

I love the idea of getting healthier and who couldn't use more tactics. Heck I need to trick myself cause vegetables just don't always sound appealing to me either. And Jason especially cause he has forgotten what they are.


Heather said...

We were suppose to have FHE at your parent's house tonight, but it was postponed until next week prior to the flood. I heard it was a toilet overflow, but how did it get that bad? I hope it didn't mess up the new furniture.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Nance's house. That is terrible. I am putting in some cyber clean up time as well. Chani bought DD and loves it. She made Ava eggs with cauliflowe puree this morning amd she loved them. I hate her chocolate chip cookies with bean puree last week and they were great. Anyway food for thought... no pun intended.

Baby Got Back said...

furniture was spared, just have to replace all carpet, wood, and linoleum in all rooms pretty much. killed it.

misty, eggs with cauliflower puree? sounds sketchy....and as always...get a blog!

Lisa -- said...

I received Deceptively Delicious as a gift. I haven't tried it but when I do we should compare notes especially with the plagarism controversy. Reading about it makes me wonder...

Anonymous said...

I bought DD and have read all of the intro stuff (loved it) and have started building my stockpile of purees. As far as the controversy, I think it's silly. If a book came out six months earlier, they were both in the works a long time before. Also, I read about "hiding" vegetables in foods forever ago so I doubt it's a completely original idea. I wish more people would make these kind of recipes. - Hillary

Baby Got Back said...

yeah, i don't think its much of a controversy, except for sucks to be the non seinfeld girl who doesn't go on oprah.