Sunday, September 23, 2007

4 wierd pictures and 2 very cute ones

Jason was a wonder husband this weekend. Not to brag but he did more loads of laundry and cleaned more than years. A couple months ago we had a talk about the laundry fairy and that there isn't one and its just me who does it all. But he made up for lost time this weekend. Holy crap. And I finally didn't have a headache and wasn't! And holy crap I worked out on Saturday. My body barely knew what to do with itself.
(sorry for the flash of Gs)

Okay, so if you know me you know I'm hard to keep up with, in a conversation that is. None of my family knows this cause we all talk the same way and understand each other perfectly (my sisters and mom that is), but some people have trouble. This post might be a good example of my topic jumping tendencies. So check out Jason's hair. Oh yeah I cut it. And it needed it bad. But don't look too close cause it was Saturday morning and we had to take Luke to practice and he was like, can you do it in 15 minutes? And I was like, "my first time ever, as fast as I can?" And so like at 12 minutes he was like, hurry hurry, 3 minutes left. But I'm pretty dang proud of that haircut. I need to still fix it a bit. His hair is very thick and forgiving.

But more importantly. . .
I have decided my new favorite word is Holy Crap. My dad says crap a lot too. But Holy Crap pertains to so much. Especially since I'm not a cursor. Although I could be, but choose not to and Jason I swear has never cussed in his life. Like Holy Crap I have 3 kids. And Holy Crap Jason and I went on a date (okay brief) on Friday night without kids! And Holy Crap our house was clean this weekend. And holy crap it rained and was cold and wonderful and us californias are just in awe of the rain and cold. 65 degrees and we are all grabbing for winter garb. Holy crap my kids didn't know what is was and busted out coats and umbrellas and danced around outside in the rain. thats it I'm done.

This isn't the most exciting picture, but amuses me. Hmmm...which flowers have my kids messed with. I wonder if mom will notice. well I did.

My children are wierd. Cute, but odd. Is everyone else's. what is on her face? And why is she eating crayon wrapper? And why are those crayon's so hard to peel. But I love her...Darby, not the crayons.

This is Luke's foot. My foot is not this pretty anymore. Luke had a rough weekend, full of lots of motrin (tylenol does not work) and mild fevers. Plus a visit to the doctor on Friday and a sore troat. Just a virus, but there is no fun virus. He finally prevailed and was in his first primary (all kids) program at church. He spoke in the microphone twice and belted out the songs. Jason also belts out the songs as well.

This is how Darby came out of her bedroom after her nap. With a crown.

These are the shoes she wore to church. Just ask anyone, they all heard them. Clomp clomp. Clomp clomp. Clomp clomp clomp clomp.


Lindsey said...

I love that Darby wore those shoes to church. And even more impressed she can walk in them. Luke, you did an amazing job in your program!! And shout out to Jason for doing the laundry.

English Garden said...

Love a clean house, especially when others pitch in to help. Gotta hear about the program, ours is in Dec, I'm in denial but Heather is worried.

cori said...

holy crap you are so funny. holy crap i love you like tons. and holy crap your kids are so cute. and holy crap you cut hair good.