Monday, September 24, 2007


to my sweet Baylie Mae!

She now has 1 tooth!
And it arrived very painfully.

Wierd side note: so this morning Luke's tongue was all wacky and the doctor said he has thrush. What? on a 4 1/2 year old? They said it is very rare. I've only heard about it on nursing babies. So now we are on 4 times a day antibotics. And he went to the doc on Friday too cause I thought he had strep and had fevers on and off all weekend. Poor kid. His little tongue looks so sad and hurts him.


English Garden said...

Poor Luke, none of your other kids have it? could he have got it if he shared something that Baylie had sucked on? Ice-cream, frozen go-ghurt and popsicles maybe sooth it a little.

English Garden said...

Oh and Baylie will probably pass Sara in her teething, Sara actually has two teeth but they seem to be refusing to grow much, they are just barely poking through her gums. Congrats to Baylie!!

Lindsey said...

I CANNOT believe it about Baylie's tooth. She is ahead!! You were totally right. Less than a week after Brenna. Poor Luke's tongue. Is he eating? Have you finished the book?

cori said...

so glad you love twlight. it is so good. i havent't read the other two.

poor luke. the antibiotics kill my kids. 4 times a day?

yah for baylie! i love the little grins with one tooth.

Shake Your Booty Bossy Lady said...

Thrush isn't contagious thankfully. They said it was his immune system being weak.

Beth said...

Man, I battled thrush like crazy with Tyler. But in doing so I did A LOT of research and supposedly adults get it, too. Sometimes it's grandparents who have denchers and things like that???? Very strange. Poor Luke. Hope he feels better soon.