Thursday, September 20, 2007

At the Zoo with My Monkeys

Here is Monkey #1. He sets the bar and the girls try and follow.

Sweet Monkey who is quickly learning the ropes from other two monkeys.

Does anybody put money in this thing? But they all have to get on it and take a look. I never have a quarter and I used quarters for laundry for so long I think they are still sacred.

Three little monkeys, sitting on a bench.

The chimps weren't very exciting so we made our own fun.

Whatever my brother does....

I think the gibbons are my children. Here they are. Darby, Dallas (okay so she's my neice) and Luke. Screaming and running and bouncing off the walls at the best day at the zoo. no crowds, cooler weather. No castastrophes.

This goat later decided it didn't like D so he tried to nip at her, but I was quick to the rescue.

Is this the cutest, chubbiest face. Baby Brenna.


cori said...

love your monkeys.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could pet goats at the zoo. Seriously, that could be a scrapbook page in and of itself. Your monkeys are cute!

G. Sterling said...

i cant tell which ones are your kids and which are the animals. haha, jk

that just means the animals are really cute!

محمد said...

in the name of god hello i love foot