Tuesday, September 18, 2007

frump (frmp)
1. A girl or woman regarded as dull, plain, or unfashionable.
2. A person regarded as colorless and primly sedate.

[Possibly short for Middle English frumple, wrinkle, from Middle Dutch verrompelen, to wrinkle : ver-, completely; see per1 in Indo-European roots + rompelen, to wrinkle.]

Not to be a complete downer on myself, but today I am Frump girl. You should never wear clothes you don't like. I think I'm going to burn them, or at least donat them to goodwill...so some lucky girl can be frump girl like me. I will say I am not always frump girl...sometimes I am even a hot mama...but today is not that day. I need to work out this lazy booty and need a new hair cut.

How to know if you are frump girl? Take Quiz

1. You go into Target and want to buy the whole store.
2. Someone asks you if you feel well
3. Your kids ask you if you are sick
4. You have spit up on your shoulder
5. You don't care that you have spit up on your shoulder
6. It looks like you have no makeup on, but you do...and not in a good way.
7. You haven't worked out in more than 3 days.
8. You look more pregnant than your friends who are 12 weeks.
9. You think that buying all new clothes at Target will make you feel better.
10. You think that if you cut your hair that will make it all better.

1-4 yes : Just a bad day
4-7 yes: go eat some chocolate and take a nap
7-10 yes: all of the above plus and good sweaty workout...

I can only moan about my frumpy-ness because I have way too high of self esteem and normally think I'm pretty cute. however my mother happened to convince me of this I want to figure it out so I can pass it along to my girl...minus the frump


cori said...

you ARE not frumpy. just a girl, wanting some new stuff, with spit up, no make up its called natural beauty, and you will have a reg. schedule someday! its not about frump. its about being a mom. in a slump. you just had a crappy day.

if it makes you feel any better, i worked out today, BUT hated it, and got my butt kicked in kick boxing. i hate it, when it hurts. i just hate it. i have been frumpy, for years and years. you are so dang cute, and HOT. so take it from me, a real FRUMP, you are not. you JUSt had a baby for crying in the night! i laughed at your dictionary. is that voice jason?

Nash said...

Well come on over!! I know what you mean. I have been unable to get my own hair cut now for 2 months and it's starting to piss me off. I know I have never actually SEEN you, but you sound too fun to be frumpy. Gotta have the bad to KNOW the good. I love, love, love makeup but sometimes I'll stay home all day and not wear any, and the next day when I get ready I feel like a million bucks. (sort of, in the process of losing weight, so as soon as it's gone I'll feel like a million)
So...put a little extra product in your hair, spend a few minutes longer on your makeup and voila you'll feel great tomorrow!

English Garden said...

Ditto, I feel like a frump today too, get some rest and it'll all seem a little rosier tomorrow, and, we have cooking class a little time to yourself with adult conversation.

Lindsey said...

You are sooo funny Brooke! Your quiz was so stinkin funny--especially about the not caring about spit up on your shoulder and wanting to buy out Target! That is me for sure. Sometimes I will wear a shirt with a stain on it and act like I just did it:). ha ha. I am totaly laughing about your blog. I am sure you don't look as bad as you feel. Lets go to the zoo. Its supposed to be drizzly and cloudy tomorrow.

The Waites said...

I cant stop laughing... you are too funny! Hi its your favorite hairstylist rachel, and yes Im stalking YOU! how stinkin cute are you and your Fam Dam. send me your email rachwaite@hotmail.com cause my "special invite only" blog is real exciting:)

as melting mama said...

Puuullllleeeezzzze! I invented the word FRUMP! Do you even OWN elastic, waist-band pants? I do! Do you have roots growing out that are two+ inches? I do! Do you go in to Walmart and want to buy anything? I do. Besides frumpiness is like the 24 hr. flu bug. Nasty, but short-lived. Go buy a new shirt or lip-gloss and the Hairspray album!! Frumpiness is vanquished!

Shake Your Booty Bossy Lady said...

Thanks for the tips. Erin you won. You crack me up