Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vegas McCoys in Los Angeles

Carter and Keaton. I finally can tell you apart. Hoorah for me. Born on Christmas.

There are 17 McCoy grandchildren (the 18th arriving in December) and 8 of them were gathered together this weekend. Baylie was sleeping in this picture. This was a post-beach shot. Lots of aloe vera.

Nothing beats cousins. They are the best. Especially these ones. Playing at the beach. All day long until we are all toasty. And I mean toasty. Ouch.

Cannon is the best big brother. Mackenzie is so fun to be with. Brinkley is a doll. Keaton and Carter are darling. And there mom and dad are the best. We were sad to see you go. Boo hoo.

Yep, Baylie was there too.

She especially loved her cousins, and Cannon held her a ton and made her laugh. No B is not always in her car seat, but its easy to take a picture of her that way and I'm usually the only adult near.

So many kids. We had a blast and it is always too short. I missed out on taking a bunch of pictures. Oops.

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