Sunday, August 19, 2007

Very Cool Temple Trip

I am a very lucky girl. On Saturday my good friend Arlene went through the temple for the first time and I got to go with her. Very cool. I was honored. Thanks to Jason for wrestling the kids and to the sweet Vegas McCoys for understanding. I am so lucky because I have been able to see a few friends do this and its always on their own time and their own way. Very special.

This is the after party. She did it. Congrats. Not so scary. Very wonderful. Neat that there are so many cute Mormon gals to share it with. LA is filled with them.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Arlene!!! We are so happy for you.
brooke's mom/dad

Anonymous said...

So many cute studio city and ex studio city girls. I am so happy for you Arlene!

Beth said...

That's awesome Arlene! How cool that you got to be there Brooke. Those sessions are the best.