Sunday, August 19, 2007

Family visits Hollywood

Yeah! I did take more pictures. We went to Hollywood & Highland and City Walk (right by Universal Studios). Both were fun, but City Walk on a Friday nite in the summer was great. Lots of street performers. And live music.

Nothing like the crazy characters. The best part of this trip was when the Superman impersonator at the Chinese theater (and if you live here you know who i'm talking about cause he has been here forever) was sizing up Jason while talking with Wonder Woman. We couldn't here the conversation, but it was hysterical. The superman guy (who is terrible) was shaking his head and the wonder woman girl was saying that Jason looked like him. Jason actually looks way more like him, especially if he would have been clean shaven. Jason and I should have exploited that long ago.

Cannon holding Baylie. He is a pro. She loved him.

And we got to see Jason's sister Erin and her hubby Rob. We heart them too. Thanks for helping with our kids while you were kidless. Its a hard call to say who would win the funniest McCoy family competition. Erin, Rob and Darek would definitely be semi-finalists and G. Cori would probably win the most popular. Lindsey would win that one in my family...or at least Miss Congeniality tied with Carl. What's the vote?

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the mccoy's said...

miss you. can't wait to see you. meanwhile lathering on the aloe. thank you for making room, and making it the best time!