Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So I tried out a recipe from that I saw on TV that was roasted tomatoes and penne (it was gross by the way) and this is what remains of my pan after lots of scrubbing and soaking. Any ideas? Guess I better use a roasting pan that it called for, but I was improvising cause who has every stinking pot those crazy shows call for.
I heart the food network.

I also heart this exersaucer. We've never had one and this is Claire's that she loaned to Lindsey but she already had one so I was holding it and then stole it for myself on loan of course...don't you love a good run on sentence. That is for you english major jason who never checks my blog. Who also complains about my missing words in sentences when he does. but i heart you anyway perfect speech jason who married a dyslexic hick. Back to the saucer, this is the fanciest one ever and Baylie loves it. Super cool. Thanks, Claire. I will return for your #3 ....ahahah!


Anonymous said...

I does chek your blogg at lest every day! I jess dunt half time to comet all thuh time. I hart yu 2! (Baylie is duh cutist!)


Anonymous said...

USE THE I blazing a cleaning retail trail for nothing. It will take it all off...I promise!

Anonymous said...

FYI: Your rolls were beautiful. I couldn't be more proud. If you rub butter on the tops of them as soon as they come out of the oven the white (flour) marks will go away. Great Job. I knew you were a roll maker at heart.

English Garden said...

Keep it, keep it. So funny Kate loved the saucer (which I borrowed)spent hours in it, so I bought a fancy one for Sara, she never liked it all that much. Finally glad someone is getting the use out of it that the price so desperatly warrants. Also, food network always did that to me too, its a tease. Everything looks so easy but doesn't quite taste the way I wanted it too. Getting rid of cable has probably saved me tons of money as I don't experimental cook very much anymore!!