Thursday, August 16, 2007

Breaking News!!!

The pit bull nieghbors were given a 3 day notice to move out.

After refusing to relocate the dog and repeated attempts by us (and the animal control doing nothing), Jason's dad wrote a great lawyer letter to the owner of the house. He told them how the dogs busted through the back yard fence and 3 weeks later were out front unattended and bit me. When he got to work there were 20 messages from the owner, the owner's lawyer, the management company, the management company owner...turns out they weren't even supposed to have dogs there!

I have a sinking feeling the neighbors won't easily compile to the 3 day notice, but now that is between the owners and them. Thankfully now I won't be so scared when we are outside and worried my kids will be eaten.

Yahoo from a dog lover who just dislikes the dog that bit her


Renee said...

Awesome! That is great news! Yay for Jason's dad.

Amber said...

Wow. That's awesome. I wouldn't want those dogs next door to me either. You waited so long to get a yard. You should be able to enjoy it without worrying that your neighbors dogs are going to attack you again, or worse, attack your kids.

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens for lawyers in the family. If they don't move I would throw the dog a poisoned bone...seriously I would. Let me know. Two thumbs up...because unlike you, I am a dog hater. Here, here to no pets!

ubcleb said...

yeah we won, woo hoo, thanks for knowing people, my vote is luke as luke skywalker